General information
Effects To go from one motion to another effortlessly.
Trigger Automatic
Alignment Neutral
Category {{{Category}}}
Agility is defined as moving quickly and easily from one motion to another. It is an extremely helpful skill in close-quarters combat. It's also a skill very few beings come by naturally; in fact, most beings acquire it through training and/or power. An example of this is the power of Levitation, agility is naturally connected to it.


Someone with this ability can move quickly from one motion to another, and is usually very graceful, nimble and light on their feet. They can walk on walls, jump and leap great heights without much effort, do back-flips and spin whilst in mid-air. Their speed, though still appearing natural, is also slightly increased. In short, they can react faster than normal. They can also dodge attacks efficiently, fight as if choreographed and perform numerous gymnastic feats.

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