Amber Halliwell
Biographical Information
Born 2028
Physical Information
Species Witch
Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Eye color Green
Skin color White

Family members

  • Pippa Halliwell and Anthony Mcarthur
  • Thor Halliwell
  • Pascale Halliwell
  • Pearl Halliwell
Magical Characteristics
  • Basic Witch Abilities
  • Agility
  • High Resistance
  • Limited Telepathy
  • Advanced Combat
"She's the smartest, the bravest, even the smartest...she has no real powers...and yet her own limitations are what makes her the strongest of us all. She will be missed."
—Pascale at Amber's funeral.

Amber Lynn Halliwell is a powerless Witch of the Halliwell descendants. Her parents are Anthony Mcarthur and Pippa Halliwell, she is sister of Pearl Halliwell, Pascale Halliwell, and Tony "Thor" Halliwell. Amber possesses no magical powers, nor does she possess one of the Warren powers. She is youngest of her siblings and the weakest.



Before her birth, Amber was already prophesized by the Elders and her aunt to be "different" or "special" through their clouded visions, which was possibly because there were difficulties during Pippa's pregnancy with her.

Younger Years

It was when she was 5 that Pippa and Anthony finally realized that Amber was powerless, but was not particularly "special". Years during her childhood and they trained her mind and tested the limits of what she could do and not do, causing for incredible stess for Amber at a young age. This also caused Amber to believe she was disliked by her parents and loved the least of her siblings.

Adolescent Years

Amber was trained by her father for combat to protect herself from future events. Amber believed that her father was pushing her to hard and causing to much stress upon her, she finally opened up and discussed it with her father, he and her mother explained that they had to do

Amber is known for her confident and stubborn personality

all of this in order to protect her and try to find out a cure of some sort. Amber became concerned over this and says "So there's something wrong with me that needs to be cured?" they finally made Amber understand that they didn't want to her life to be in danger and want to protect her. Amber goes through her teenage life believeing she was different and unique, she continually tried to be kind to others and treat them with respect. It was then later discovered that Amber was not apart of the Power of Three and therefore couldn't vanquish a demon properly alone, but that she had the effects of being apart of the Power of Three (aka High Resistance and Agility). They also discovered that when Amber can hear the thoughts of demons, if she is around more than one, she will hear a loud screeching sound in her ear, inless she blocks the sound out she

Amber laughs with Johnny

can hear one at a time.

Short Adult Life

Amber became a successful painter and writer and fell in love with Johnny, her boyfriend. Amber believed that she would live till she became old like her siblings but sadly Amber was killed by a group of brute demons through the deadly power of skull crushing, and her family was not able to revive her.


Amber went hunting for demons without her siblings believing she was fine alone and able to kill a few, though Amber didn't know that the brute demons planned to kill Amber and set a trap for her. Amber believed the trap

Amber dies in Thor's arms.

was nothing and followed it and found the demons "sleeping", she killed one but the others (to Amber) quickly shimmered behind her and hit her hard enough to send her flying into the ally wall, the largest brute demon took her by the head and "crushed" it, and then piercing her with an athame, Amber fell nearly dead into a puddle of water, Amber maintains life until Thor finds her within 10 minutes from the attack, Amber dies in Thor's arms. Her family truly missed her and gave her a beautiful funeral, this event is quite similiar to that of Prue Halliwell's a long ancestor of her family.

Powers & Abilities

Basic Abilities

Wiccan Abilities - Spell Casting, Potion Making, Scrying and Mediumship.

Enhanced Human Skills

Advanced Combat - Fully learned combat and martial arts skills. Amber learned this skill from her father and uncle.

Courage - The ability to stand up to ones fears. Amber has been known to save her siblings from attacks by using herself as bait, she is only one who was "okay" with doing so.

Persuasiveness - The ability to persuade another stronger than a normal human being. Amber can successfully persuade a non-magical being better than any of her family can, Pippa believes this is another "gift" from her powerless state.

"Good" - The ability to negate evil manipulation completely. Amber can not be mentally persuaded into evil by a demon or human.

Limited Telepathy - The ability to hear others thoughts limited to one species. Amber is only limited to hearing thoughts of demons, when she is very close to one, if there are more than one Amber can hear a painful screeching sound in her ear, through focusing Amber can block out the screeching and hear a selective demon that she chooses, but Amber can't hear more than one at a time.

Other Abilities

Agility - The ability to be talented in the martial arts and bend ones body to extraordinary lengths. It has been mentioned that because Amber is the fourth sibling she does not have control over the "Power of Three" but has possession of Agility and High Resistance. She first used this ability while fighting a demon beside her siblings, she can only access this power when she is around all of them.

High Resistance - The ability to be less vulnerable to magical attacks then a human, low-level evil witch, or low-level demon. Amber's family was surprised when they saw Amber with a stab wound, a hit from an energy ball, and burned badly arm and emerged from the house alive.

Personality and Appearance


Amber is described to be an extremely confident, smart, and emotionally strong person. Pippa, her mother believes that this another "gift" from her powerless state. The elders think that what comes from a powerless witch is a stronger mind.


Wardrobe - Amber usually wears a simple T-shirt and jeans, she sometimes chooses a skirt or blouse and is rarely seen in a dress or fancy outfit.

Hair - Amber usually has her hair down and sometimes wears a messy up-do. Amber keeps her brunette hair except while in the 11th grade when she is seen with light brown highlights and wearing her hair very short instead or her always very long hair, probably taking after her ancestor Piper Halliwell.

Physical Appearance - Amber is described to have a thin face with long dark brown hair and bright hazel eyes.



Pippa Halliwell - Amber has a considerably good relationship with her mother and they trust eachother well.

Anthony Mcarthur - Amber has had issues with her father for years until she became an adult and learned why he was so hard on her.


Tony "Thor" Halliwell - Amber and Thor fight regularly but it is mostly because of their often discussions.

Pascale Halliwell - Amber and Pascale have the strongest relationship, the two bond well and often hang out.

Pearl Halliwell - Amber and Pearl seem to have many differences but work them out smoothly.


R.J. Nole - Amber dated a red head during her freshmen year and seemed to like him, though when Pearl discovered that he was a evil witch sent to kill the siblings, Pearl killed him, leaving Amber heartbroken.

Johnny - Amber began to date a mortal (whom had knowledge of magic) as an adult. He said he envied magical beings but thought Amber was different. The two liked eachother and presumably would have turned out fine if Amber had not died.


  • Amber is portrayed by Kristen Stewart. Kristen Stewart had to alter her personality completely in order to portray Amber because of their different personalities.
  • Amber nicknamed Tony "Thor" because of his ability

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