Andy Trudeau was born in San Francisco to a mother name Irene Truedau. Is the step father of Peter and husband of Prue and the father of Phillip and Patricia. Andy and Prue did not sleep toghter when they saw each other and took ther very slowly for the sake of her son. Andy was almost killed by a powerful demon, known as Rodriguez, who was working with another demon known as Tempus but was saved by Prue when time was set again and became a father figure to Peter.
The next year when he call Darryl for back up with Ms. Hellfire when Darryl came to the manor Andy told the girls he told Darryl their sercet he said "If someting happen to me than Darryl could look out for you" Phoebe, Piper and Prue was mad at frist but uderstood. He arrested Bane Jessup after the stuf with Ms. Helfire. He and Prue got back together He always want his step son Peter, his son Phillip and his daughter Patricia to have some what of a normal life. He was a little jealous of and saw how Jack much he care for her and her son Petera little after she quit Buckland and broke up with Jack. He and Prue got married in 2000 in attempt marry with Leo and Piper he and Prue was successfull in front Darryl and thier family. He also don't want to be like Victor and when Barbas showed him that his biggest fear is having Penny and Victor relationship with Penny and Patty. He loved his son and daughter and his wife and step son more than anything. Was the closest thing Peter ever had to a dad. When Roger return Roger told Andy to step aisde so he could be a father to Peter Andy said "ok Roger" but he told Peter " I am aways here for you Buddy". He was the frist one to see that Peter hated Roger and try to be there for him. He help his wife when Roger sue for custody for Peter and he look to see if Roger had a police record.

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