Angels are known to be extremely powerful winged spiritual entities being the natives from Heaven, at least the common statement by ordinary mortals.

Although there are countless of diffrent angelic beings which represents different ranks in the celestial hierarchy, and not all angelic beings do inhabits in The Upper Regions, Although not physically seen, some angelic beings do have swanlike wings which they can display through their shadows.

Some angels can described as emotionless, apathetic in the sense that they're both powerful, cold, loyal and without free will and not affected by morality. Despite this description it has been proven wrong on many occasions, angels are very much capable of human emotions, although the greater majority of them choose not to show emotions as considered to make a angel doubtful as well as weak, they consider themselves as family to one another, and could refer to each other as brothers and sisters. they don't need to breathe, eat, or sleep to sustain themselves, although some of them have the an established custom do to so as they are fully much capable.

Types of AngelsEdit

Angels of DestinyEdit

Angel of Destiny

The Angels of Destiny are the ethereal, graceful magical beings of the highest rank. they are the immortal protectors and overseers of all Destinies who maintain the Grand Design, As their main existence and purpose to ensure that all Destinies ends up naturally.

They are neutral beings by nature, as Destinies can be altered in both good or evil designs. In the celestial hierarchy, they rank higher than the Angels of Death, Elders and Avatars.

Angels of DeathEdit

Angel of Death

The Angels of Deathare an ancient, powerful race of magical beings that are simply neutral. As their main existence and purpose is to keep the cosmic balance leveled. By claiming the souls of those who die and takes them to the afterlife.

They are presumably tired of always being labeled as the greatest evil due to their line of work. It is useless to fight them as they cannot be destroyed for there is always death,

An Agent of Death cannot be stopped and never gives up a claim. The only way to change the fate of one destined to die is to make a plea to an Angel of Destiny.

The ArchangelsEdit

The Archangels are described as warrior-like angels, who are imbued with immense power and authority.

Fallen AngelsEdit

Fallen angels are angels who either were banished from Heaven, or who voluntarily left and fallen from grace and became mortals.

Angelic BeingsEdit

The EldersEdit



Cupids are magical beings that are in charge of love. They are the descendents of the origional cupid, the sun of Aphrodite, goddess of love. Their source of power is their rings.


Guardian AngelsEdit


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