Arianna Halliwell
Arianna Grace Halliwell
Nicknames/Aliases Nicknames:
  • Ari
  • Anna
  • "A" - codename by Elders
  • Angel of Death - insult against her blank personality and talent at killing


  • Kendra
  • Melissa
  • Sasha
  • Trinity
Gender Female
Skin Colour White - Pale
Alignment Good
  • Witch
  • Whitelighter
  • Phoenix-Witch
  • Angel - given by the Elders


  • Witch Powers
  • Phoenix-Witch Powers
  • Whitelighter Powers
  • Limited Angel Powers

Primary Powers:

  • Telekinesis
  • Hydrokinesis
  • Cryokinesis
  • Advanced Telekinesis
Other Powers
  • Sparkling Teleportation - because of being resurrected
"Are you ashamed of your own gifts that we've given you? They are the powers of an Angel, how could you possibly denie them?"
—The Elders have difficulty understanding Arianna's struggle.

Arianna Halliwell is the oldest daughter of Chris Halliwell and Bianca Grace, she is the sister of Prim, Becca, and Rose. Arianna has the Warren power of Telekinesis and was given Angelic powers by the Elders, hoping Arianna's great destiny would presume her.

History of her Life

Early Life

Birth - Childhood

As a child the Elders forsaw a great future which involved Arianna being one of the most unbeatable witch-hybrids ever known along with being one of the best fighters. When Arianna showed little through coming to her powers quickly the Elders got worried and broke their earlier promise to meddle in the powers of witches and hybrids to give Arianna Angelic abilities. At first her parents Chris and Bianca believed this was inhuman but that because she would be part Whitelighter and part Angel would make it almost impossible to go against her passive nature. But even through her childhood Ari displayed remarkable fighting skills despite her passive nature, everyone was astonished by this. Chris and Bianca tried endlessly to get the Elders to pull the Angel out of her like they did to Chris' sister, Melinda, but the Elders refused to let Ari's destiny not unfold. Arianna was placed into the program, S.A.P. thinking this would help the Elders understand why Ari isn't a passive fighter and if Angel increased these abilities. Though through 4 years of treatment and experimenting Arianna refused to be further tested and escaped S.A.P. with ease, returning to her family gladly.


Ari continued her educational life in a normal school, despite the Elders continuous begging of her to placed into a Magical School, Ari refused to use magic until she was ready, she only wanted to be trained by her parents [1] Ari was ready by the time she was 15 and chose (by her own will) to begin attending Magic School and to start fighting Demons, because of her full knowledge of magic (i.e. potions, spells, combat, her powers, etc.) her parents allowed her to do so, learning that their daughter was very serious and had nearly no emotions.[2] Ari finished Magic School by 18[3] and continued to train her abilities while fighting Demons endlessly, her parents were unable to keep her from her true nature, but became worried about her and had to set her boundaries. Because Ari never disobeys her parents she agreed, but after Ari finished attending college for a custom Martial Arts major she was able to work part-time as a Martial Arts Teacher.

Adult Life

Arianna went through her adult life being in love with only one person, William whom was another Witch who possessed Angel powers similar to her, though the Elders placed him under Angel powers because he was a test to see if a Witch could endure the gifts and stay alive. Because the child didn't show signs of anything going wrong, the Elders agreed to carry on their plan and gave Arianna her Angel powers, this explanation angered Arianna and she threatened to kill herself and William and ruin their 'beautiful creations' the Elders believed Arianna was bluffing until she gave William her knife and he took it reluctantly not only were the Elders furious but
wouldn't sacrifice anything in return, "Take away our Angel abilities and we'll both live." Arianna and fortunately William both disliked or possibly hated these powers and wanted them gone, William for unknown reasons. The Elders refused to take away Arianna nor William's powers, fearing Arianna's legacy wouldn't proceed, therefore Arianna stabbed herself and William slashed his neck and wrists the Elders shocked by their lack of optimism [4]and were forced to leave the two to bleed, oddly not even calling Chris or Arianna's sisters. Unfortunately because of this Arianna and Will bled to death, William was healed just on before he died by Arianna's sister Primrose, Rebecca and Rosalina were unable to heal Arianna on time. Demons went back to their original size in numbers after Arianna died and Primrose because apart of the Power of Three in her place, her death left the entire family unable to fight Demons as often as before leaving far more Demons to roam then previously.


After several decades [5]Arianna was resurrected by the Elders [6]and assumingly Arianna had been in Heaven, she had to adjust back to life on Earth and was furious at the Elders for doing something so inhuman and cynical, the Elders retorted by saying, "You have always been meant to do great things, you killed yourself, we simply brought you back to continue your destiny." Arianna at first refused to kill Demons or save innocents and attempted to find her sisters the Elders aware of her ambitions sought after her using their power of Sensing, because of Arianna being during her early stages of her "second life" she still had the presence of a spirit and therefore was undetectable they made an excuse for the three sisters to leave their homes for Arianna to find none of them. Afterwards Arianna was under the impression they had died an early age sometime during her afterlife, the Elders lied for nearly 5 years until Arianna finally figured out their secret and became so angry she tried to kill one of the Elders, because the Elders simply reconstitute the Elder combusted into pieces and presumed back to his original form (full). Arianna refused for years to do anything magical until she found a little girl curled up in a corner in an alley when she tried helping the innocent she hid, "N-No you-your a Demon." Arianna believed because of her dark leather clothing she must have looked similar to a Demon's attire, after that she formed a plan to pretend to be a Demon herself in the Underworld, for months the Elders feared she had been killed some how unseen by any of them. Arianna reported back to the Elders that she had managed to kill nearly two thousand Demons before her cover was blown because a Demon spoke to her asking, "Don't you hate that powerful Witch Trinity she ruins all the Demons plans." Arianna responded back that she was unaware of a Witch named Trinity and questioned about her, the Demon realized that it was impossible for any Demon during the time could have possibly not had their Demonic plan(s) spoiled by the Witch and spat, and then tried to kill Arianna, but she teleported out before he could kill her. Arianna spent the rest of her 30 years killing Demons and saving innocents, and eventually met Trinity, and posed as 'Trinity' in attempts to learn how Trinity found out more about Demons then her.

Final Death

Arianna was finally killed in battle against the Source and his queen, Arianna was unaware that she had not completed killing the Queen, and was stabbed with an athame from behind and died. Arianna returned back to the afterlife happily greeted by the rest of her family and because of her hard work and dedication to her life as a Witch Arianna was rewarded by becoming a High Priestess like her ancestor Penny Halliwell. Arianna got to meet the Charmed Ones.

History of Magic


Arianna was prophesized by an Elders vision to be born to be one of best combat fighting Witches of all time, when the Elders began to fear Arianna was not powerful enough they gave her the powers of an Angel and hoped this would not make a disturbance in her personality and make her even more passive towards fighting, though later on it possibly made her even more aggressive.

Spirit Abilities

After Arianna died and became a spirit in the afterlife she would assumingly be able to:

  • Fading Teleportation
  • Summoning
  • Projection
  • Intangibility

Basic Powers

Witch Abilities:

  • Spell Casting
  • Potion Making
  • Scrying

Phoenix Witch Abilities:

  • Shimmering
  • Energy Balls
  • Power Extraction
  • Agility

Whitelighter Abilities:

  • Healing
  • Hovering
  • Photokinesis
  • Sensing
  • Thermokinesis
  • Remote Orbing
  • Cloaking
  • Omnilingualism
  • Glamouring

Warren Power


The ability to moves things with one's mind via hand gestures, eyes movements, and rarely head twitches/movements. Arianna evolves through this power by activating her power through simple hand gestures, this power evolves into Arianna simply having to stare at the object, person, or power and it would either fly back towards who ever through it or would do whatever Arianna moved it for. In her second life Arianna was easily able move multiple Demons at once with her Telekinesis by simply holding her hand up, not flicking it.

Angelic Gifts

The Elders gave Arianna a limited form of an Angel's gifts, into a small part of Arianna's genes:

  • Enhanced Photokinesis
  • Enhanced Strength
  • Telepathic Suggestion
  • Empathy
  • Empathic Healing
  • Projection
  • Empathy and Telepathy

Later Powers

Arianna's powers eventually advanced and evolved to form the powers of:

  • Telekinesis
  • Hydrokinesis
  • Cryokinesis
  • Advanced Telekinesis
After Arianna had become resurrected her teleportation was in the form of "Sparkling" not a combination or Shimmering and Orbing. Because Arianna was in the early stages of resurrection her teleportation became similar to that of Cole's during Season 7 of Charmed when he was in the "Cosmic Void".


Arianna has talented knowledge on the following weapons:

  • Advanced Combat
  • Potion Making
  • Knife Combat
  • Various Weapons
  • Magic
  • Amazing fighter

Personality and Appearance


Most of the time Arianna can be quite emotionless and cynical, though Arianna enjoys fighting Demons and saving innocents it can be assumed that she uses this technique to viel her true feelings in order to continue fighting. Arianna is caring, serious, smart, hardworking, and appear cynical and cold.


Arianna has always had her hair around shoulder length or shorter, it only gets beyound that length after she is resurrected, but she cuts it shortly afterwards. Her hair is dark brown and slightly wavy, her eyes are a dark brown, but they can appear bright blue when she's battling Demons probably because of her Angel side some how.

Familial Relationships

Chris Halliwell

Arianna and her father have an unknown relationship because Arianna mostly hides her feelings and trust towards her parents, but she never disobeys them.

Bianca Grace

Arianna and her mother have an unknown relationship because Arianna mostly hides her feelings and trust towards her parents, but she never disobeys them.

Primrose Halliwell

Arianna has a stronger familial relationship with her sister Prim than her sisters Rebecca and Rosalina, though the two have nothing in common besides a strong attitude. Arianna sometimes dislikes Prim's sarcastic remarks because of her anti-disobedience and cold personality.

Rebecca Halliwell

Rebecca and Arianna have nothing in common except the caring hope towards others, always believing they can help in some way, though Rebecca shows her feelings and appears sympathetic, Arianna shows no emotion.

Rosalina Halliwell

Arianna and Rosalina have little in common, both are cynical and almost heartless and wear leather gear either all the time or during fighting. But Rosalina enjoys sarcasm and disobeying her parents, Arianna dislikes doing both of these things, also Rosalina shows emotions such as anger and surprise, Arianna shows nothing.

Appearance to Siblings and Twins

Apperance to Siblings

Rebecca and Rosalina look like their mother with olive skin and dark features, while Arianna and Primrose have a more similar appearance to Chris and Paige Matthews (their great half-aunt) with pale skin and lighter features.


Rebecca and Rosalina have many similarities in appearance and appear to be identical, but Rebecca's features are far more feminine, thin and light while Rosalina's are not as feminine and she has a bigger nose than Rebecca. Rosalina has curly auburn hair while Rebecca has brown hair, Rebecca has lighter skin and dark green eyes, while Rosalina has dark brown eyes and darker skin then her twin

  1. Chris and Bianca were actually quite capable of doing so.
  2. Compared to her sisters.
  3. Shorter than most students
  4. (Not catching their anti-bluff)
  5. By then Chris and Bianca were deceased and Arianna's sisters location was unknown.
  6. Few were the same from Arianna's last moments of her life.