Astral Projection
General information
Effects Project the consciousness outside of the body in astral or corporeal form.
Trigger Desire to be at two places at once.
Alignment Neutral
Category Supportive Power

Astral Projection is the ability to project one's consciousness into an astral form outside the body. When a person astral projects, their physical body falls to the floor, slumps over or remains still until they return. Astral Projection exists in two basic forms, the ability to project the consciousness into a corporeal form and the ability to project the consciousness into an invisible, astral form.

Forms of Astral ProjectionEdit

Coporeal FormEdit

When Astral Projection is used in corporeal form, users project their consciousness in a solid, visible body. New users may not be able to access to their other magical powers while in astral form, however, they may learn to acces them through practice.

Astral Form Edit

When Astral Projection is used in astral form, users project their consciousness in an invisible and intangible body. In astral form, they are not able to touch their surroundings and are invisible to most beings. This form is often used in combination with the powers of Suggestion or Illusions to manipulate others.

Related PowersEdit

Astral ConfessionEdit

Astral Confession is the ability to force someone's consciousness to take astral form and admit the truth. These astral selfs cannot lie and will return to the body once the desired truth about a matter is settled.

Astral HologramsEdit

Astral Holograms is the ability to project several holographic copies of oneself to confuse enemies. These holograms are intangible and thus cannot be touched. The copies are holograms and thus do not possess a mind of their own. This is the combined power of Astral Projection and Holograms.

Astral PossessionEdit

Astral Possession is the ability to use one's astral form to enter the bodies of other beings and possess them. Once the user has possessed another being, they gain full control over that being and their powers. However, they will not be able to control their minds and do not have access to their memories.

Astral PremonitionsEdit

Astral Premonitions is the ability to astral project into a premonition and thus travel through time. This is an advanced form of Precognition combined with Astral Projection. Users are able to interact beings within the premonition, though they cannot alter the events that take place.

Astral SuggestionEdit

Astral Suggestion is the ability to implant subtle thoughts and ideas in the minds of other beings by whispering it to them as an inner voice. This is most often used by beings who possess the invisible form of Astral Projection.

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