The Bird King, known among the magical community as Avelor. Avelor is the reigning King of the Birds for over 300 hundred years. He is of Upper Level power.

Mark S
General information
Full name (King) Avelor
Born Unknown
Alias The King of Birds
Classification The King of Birds
Species Avian
Diversity Avian
Distinction The Ruler of the Bird Domain
Family information
Family Unknown
Affiliation Information
Status Extant
Alignment Neutral

He is the ruler of all bird species in the Underworld including Phoenixes, Griffins and Boobries (Water Birds with the ability to turn collected nuts and berries into crystallized water droplets which can knock someone out)

Being a ruler of the Birds, all Bird Demons must answer to his word.

He is a neutral party, forming both defensive alliances with Good and Evil as to avoid the breakout of war. Excluding the few mishaps he had with each party, Avelor keeps his appearances with good and evil. 

He takes the form of a Giant Golden Eagle upon shapeshifting.


  • Flight
  • Whirling
  • Avian Manipulation 
  • Wing Manifestation 
  • Feather Projectiles
  • Illusion Casting (By looking at illusions being cast on his feathers)
  • Air Ball Projection
  • Concussive Air Beams
  • Can Shapeshift from Bird-Human

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