General information
Effects Banishes one and forbids from returning
Trigger Hand wave
Alignment Neutral
Category Active Power
Banishing is the ability to cast a being out and forbid it from returning to the place or realm of with it was exiled.Witches often banish ghosts, demons or other beings, magical and sometimes even non magical to places like purgatory, the astral plane or the Underworld. Upper-Level Demons such as the the Source of All Evil or the Triad, use this ability as well to punish demons or other kinds of evil beings that fail their harsh tasks or dare to challenge them. The Demonic Sorcerer in Carpe Demon banished Drake dè Mon to purgatory once he absorbed his powers. Banishing is used for one or more rituals in ceremonial magic intended to remove non-physical influences ranging from spirits to negative influences. It is used in most cases before and after a main ritual.

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