Banshees are dangerous, female demons with a powerful shriek. Banshees came from Ireland. They are mysterious and not much is known about them.

Banshees feed off of sadness and they hunt people who are experincing great grief. The banshee focuses her sonic scream on that human and all the blood cells in his body would crack.

Physical AppearenceEdit

Banshees take the form of hideous old women with wrinkled corpse-like bodies, sunken eyes, long bony claws and long, dry, brittle hair. Their eyes are blood red and their hair is usually white, pale blonde or grey but some have black hair.

Banshees dress in filthy, black rags. Banshees are very tall with skin ranging from deathly white, sickly green, greenish white, pale ice blue or bone yellow.

The tips of their sharp claws are made of bone and are midnight black. One of the most terrifying things about a banshee is her large mouth. It is bigger than a human mouth and filled with greenish, sharp teeth.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Sonic Shriek: Banshees can create a shriek so loud and powerful, it can shatter glass miles away and can knock out humans, put them in pain or even kill them.
  • Misery: The power to make people miserable with their presence.
  • Enhanced Strenght: Banshees can lift ten times their own weight.
  • Enchanted Eyesight: Banshees can see at incredible distances, see in the dark and through walls, can see magic and what a creature truly is.
  • Fading: The power to teleport by fading.
  • Flight: Banshees have the power to fly very fast through the air.
  • Agility: The power to posess superior agility to humans.
  • Electrokinesis: Banshees can manipulate and create lightning and can shoot bolts and orbs or electricity.
  • Poison: The tips of their claws are covered in deadly venom.
  • Sight: Banshees can see when a person is going to die.
  • Invisibility: Banshees can become invisible.
  • Immortality: Banshees can live forever.
  • Vocal Manipulation: Banshees can manipulate sound.


Banshees fear fire as one bit of flame will cause their whole bodies to burn up. Bright light hurts their eyes.

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