Hearting - Beaming
General information
Effects Enables the possessor to teleport with beams.
Trigger The desire to be somewhere else.
Alignment Good.
Category Teleportation power.

Beaming, also known as Hearting, is a standard teleportation ability used by Cupids, to teleport through a bright reddish, pinkish glows from the place of their heart, making the cupid rise while the cupid fades away from the current location and instantly appear at another location as well as others and even objects to another location by establishing and maintaining physical contact with them, as it's one of the fastest way to get to one's desired destination.

Although not all cupids can't naturally teleport, as some cupids are required to have a cupid ring to be able to teleport, and some cupids can naturally develop Remote Beaming to teleport other people from one location to another with the mind.

However cupid-hybrids can naturally develop this ability due to the wiccan inheritance.

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