Brandon Previlon

Brandon Previlon is a powerful witch on the east coast and is decendent of a French coven. Brandon oblivious to his power but innate to the supernatural forces believes in magic and witchcarft.

History Edit

Brandon was born in 1997 september 27, in a Newark hospital in New Jersey. Brandon parents where very different people with different lives ahead of them they shortly left each other after Brandon's birth. Brandon was constantly back and forth between parents and always moved around and was never in a place for long. Until he moved to a quite town with his mom and older and younger brother also witches.Brandon is currently a freshemen at the local highschool where many of his endeavors will take root in.

Coming into Powers Edit

Brandon came in to his powers a couple months after his thirteen birth day. When Brandon was in school early in the morning he had this migrane type headache and sudenly had a vision of a pregnant teacher falling down three flights of staris and losing her baby. Unsure of what he saw he just pushed it to the back of his head, and then 10 minutes later the teacher he saw in his vision triped over a crack in the floor and started at a horible fall. Brandon quickly remembering his vision rushed to stop the pregnant teacher from the worst of his vision. Brandon saved the teacher with minor bruises and no real harm to her baby. Later on in that year Brandon unexplainably feels the pain of a friend who has just lost a parent to a car crash. Using this manifestating ability Brandon goes about helping the friend (that he has a crush on) through the grieving process making them closer then they where before these mysterious happenings of psychic abilities. When Brandon turns fournteen in highschool comes in to a very powerful and complicated power that he believes is directly tied into his zodiac sign. Brandon prior to his birthday was feeling very sad depressing emotions (not tied to empathy) and the weather unexplainably mimiced his emotions with thunderstomrs and cloudy days. It didn't take long for Brandon to realize he had the power of aerokinesis, though when he tried to use it willingly it olny created a simple breeze on very rare occasions. (All other powers are explained below)


Throughout freshmen year Brandon has acquired some control over his powers. Brandon can now willingly see the past and present (though not always see the desired time frame or object). Brandon also has gained much control of his aerokinetic abilities and in many ways extended to new heights such as atmokinesis.

First Year as a Witch Edit

Brandon shortly after coming into his powers wanted to gain accurate information on the craft and witches more clearly. Brandon along with a friend (who later on is discovered to be a witch, along with other friends) go to the most magicaly attuned place they know of in town, a Psychic store. The store had an array of mystical things stones, herbs, and books on the craft the. While at the psychic store Brandon gets this weird vibe from of the customers that has been hanging around in the store looking at what seems to be tarot cards. Brandon unsure of the feeling he picking up whether its him being paranoid, or his powers warning him of something supernaturally evil. Brandon to self-conscious of confronting the mysterious man he disregards what he's feeling and returns to his studies on the craft. After Brandon and Jessica (soon to be discovered witch friend) buy some occult essentials (candles, atheme, vials, herbs, spices, and spirit board 'with a funky inscription on it') they leave the store and head to Jessica's house to get a sense of their groundings in the craft. Sure of enough as they leave the mysterious man leaves the psychic store too without buying a single item from the store and continues to follow the young and naive teens. Once out of down-'town' and in more of the suburban area of Westfield, Jessica starts to notice the man following them, and tell Brandon of her suspicions. Brandon also aware of the mans presence tells her about the psychic encounter in the store and they decide to do evasive manuvers and cross the street on to the other side and go through intersections blindly. Sure enough they lose the spooky guy and make to Jessica's house and bring out the spirit board first to see if it really works. Nothing unussual happens if you call nothing happening the ussual, but Jessica is intriged by the inscription on the spirit board. "The work of the witches is a grave one, they bring light to the darkness, and help the weak to be strong, they vanquish evil and protect the innocent, by the power of three times three let it be ..." (which is followed by a pentacle inscribed on the face of the board). Jessica sure that she's seen this somewhere goes to google to look up the inscription and finds nothing of use, except a gravestone with the inscription on it. Jessica sure she's seen the grave stone before and points out that the gravestone is in the cemetary not to far from here. Brandon sure he had enough truma for the day decides to hold off on the venture and decides to walk home. Bradon walking home gets this weird feeling that he's being watched and sure enough its the creepy guy who stalke him to Jessica's house which leads him to believe he's not safe and that if he goes home that he'll lead the stalker to his home. Brandon feeling black and proud decides to confront the mysterious man turns around and the man is gone 'POOF' into thin air. Bradon walks home wondering where the man went and throws some theories around in his head and decides that it's better he not know.

Brandon a week later shares his gift with his friends who seem to share the same interest in the craft, so Brandon shares his suspicions of the mysterious man. They all say they have had the same enoucnter and believe that the man in the enoucters is the same. After some discusion of the topic the group retires to Jessica's house where they bring out the spirit board. After studying the insription on the board they come to the conclusion that the spirit board was handcrafted and was purposely put in Jessica and Brandon's possesion. Then, Brandon feeling that he has connected with the group he tells them about his powers and demonstrates them to the whole group. But, to Brandon's suprise he wasn't the only one with supernatural powers infact the whole group possesed powers. The group comprised of: Jessica Go had the power of Telekinesis, Telepathy, Astral Projection, and Mediumship; Layla Jackson had the power of Force Field, Teleportation (short distances), Apportation (has to see the object and it can only come to her), and pyrokinesis. Little did they know 3 warlocks intent on stealing their powers for themselves where outside watching them, waiting for the perfect opportunitiy to strike. After 9 o'clock the party seperated after agreeing to become a coven and call themselves TresWicca, which translate to 3 witches; the group unnamiously agreed to adopt the inscribtion as the motto to there coven. One bye one everyone left each secretly followed by a warlock looking to gain more power. Brandon walking home started messing with his aerokinesis trying to make the his breath cold or repsectively hot. After much tries Brandon suceeded in the feat pleasing himself with his new found talent gain unknowinly the power of Themokinesis. Then suddenly Brandon got a premonition; He heard screams, saw 6 hooded beings with athames in hand, and himself what appeared to be levitating. Unsure of what he saw he decide to sit down on the curb and process everything and recover from the headache he got from the prem (premonition). While sitting on the curb he heard foot steps approaching him and then his empathy went crazy as he felt a malicous presence getting nearer. Then came into view a hooded and fully cloaked figure. Brandon couldn't see the beings face even when it was under the street light. The being just stood there and stared at him, he could feel his eyes cut through his flesh. Then the being moved quickly towards Brandon and showed what seem to be a knife. Brandon instictively got up and then he was flung back by an imaginery force. Brandon stood up and asked "Who are you?" "Well since you're going to die. I'm Beatrix, a warlock. I'm here to still you powers, and right about now my blood brothers are doing the same to your firends", said Beatrix so self assured. "How do you plan on doing that?", said Brandon inquisitevly. "This athame has the power to suck powers out of other magical beings such as yourself. See all I have to do is stab you and ultimately kill you." Beatrix then through a lower level fireball at Brandon. Instinctively he duck and the fireball hit the tarmac leaving scortch marks. Beatrix through two more simultaneously, again Brandon dodged the fireballs. Then Brandon went on the offensive mimicing Beatrix gesture whiched flung him a few feet back, Brandon used his aerokinesis to send Beatrix flying into a tree near by. "I never been so powerful when I used my aerokinesis. My powers must be tied to my emotions, so when they get heightend so do my powers", Brandon said to himself. Beatrix wasn't down for long he got back up and flung Brandon telekinetically into the shrubery of a house across the street. Beatrix then shimered on top of Brandon and cock his hand back in preperation to stab Brandon. Brandon with adrenalin and fear pumping through his vaing put his hands up instinctively to protect himself, then a gust of air explodes form his hands. The G-Force from the wind kept Beatrix from stabing Brandon. Then Brandon concentrated on increasing the speed of the wind from 20 mph, 25, 30,40,45,50. When Brandon reached 60 mph winds Beatrix was litteraly hovering just above him. Then Brandon increased the speed of the winds and pushed his hands upwards as if to push Beatrix of him.This surge of power sent Beatrix flying back across the street to land on the wet dew lawn. Brandon feeling more assured of himself and his powers walked across the street towards Beatrix. Then Beatrix still down but sitting tried to fling Brandon back again but he was out of his range and manged to to make him shutter. "Who did you steal that power from", Brandon said with much mockery. "An unsuspecting witch who fell in love with me. She's dead of course cause I have her power", Beatrix said pleasingly. Then he shimered right infront of Brandon and used his telekinesis to send him flying back across the street near a light pole. Beatrix shimered again just as Brandon was getting up. He puled Brandon from behind and cocked back to strike. Brandon some how manged to break free of his hold and turn around but he couldn't do anything as the wind was blowing in the opposite direction and would take to long to redirect. Beatrix hand came down slicing through air. But before he was able to stab Brandon something unexpected happened. Brandon somehow levitatied out of the way before he landed the blow. Beatrix not expecting this was caught off guard and so was Brandon, but he took charge of the moment and kicked Beatrix which sent him flying into the nearby light pole. This time he didn't get up but the wasn't the biggest thing on Brandon's mind he was woried about getting down. He Hovered in the same position for about 30 seconds after Beatrix went flying into the pole and then he feel plop into the ground. Brandon first thought was to quickly evade the scene but he re-thought that idean and decided to take a peak at the mystery guy. He un-hooded the man to reveal a caucasian man he never met or at least could remember. Since he couldn't make heads or tails of the Beatrix identity he took his athame and instantly got a vision of other warlocks fighting rest of septawicca.

Meanwhile at Jessica's house her mom sends her out to through out the garbage while she went and took a shower. When Jessica reached out the garbage can in their massive backyard, she thought she noticed something moving in the bushes but she quickly killed that thought. She she walked deep into the wooded area of her backyard where the shed was and open up the door and drop the two bags of garbage in the can. Jessica finished with her errands turned around to see this shiloutte standing not to far from her. "Hello! Who are you? What do you want?", screamed Jessica so what seemed to be a hooded man could hear her. "I'm a warlock a.k.a a very, very, VERY bad witch!" yelled the being in a very deep and frightining tone. "What are you going to do", asked Jessica instantly frightened. "I'm going to steal you powers with this power sucking athame, and move up the ranks in the demonic world. Thus good witch blood must be spilt." said the hooded man with much verbrato in his vioce. "What makes you think you'll be able to steal my powers nor kill me?", said Jessica trying to get as much information from the warlock as possible. "Two reason, one because I have the powers of shredding which is a molecular based teleportation power alloing me to go from place to place, along with the power to throw energy balls, and molecular deceleration which allows me to slow down the molecules in the object which put them in a slow motion state. Two I had my powers for longer and you just came into you yours so I'm far more skilled and powerful then you. There's no way in heaven you leaving tonight, except in a body bag on your way to the morg", said the hooded figure with much intensity and superiority. He was defintely proud of his powers especially Molecular Deceleration. Then after examing Jessica and her phsysique he pulled out the athame and charged after her. Jessica fight or flight instinct kicked in and she channeled her telekinesis through her eyes and sent him flying. " Why am i so power. Whenever I used my powers it took all my concentration to move just a coffee mug. Maybe it because I joined that conven and our collective power makes us stronger, or when my emotions get stronger so do my powers as they're connected. Maybe, just maybe both could be true", Jessica said to herself. Then the mysterious being sat up and disappeared almost disintergrating into thin air. Jessica being a smarter witch then the hooded being didn't fall for his disappearing act she knew he was near. Jessica closed her eyes and started relying on her instincts to tell her where the mysterious man was. Suddenly she heard his thoughts and knew what he was planing to through a energy ball and knock her out, but it was more then that she read the warlokcs mind and anticipated his attack drastically changing the final outcome of the battle. Jessica opened her eyes and swung herself around just in time and channeled her telekinesis through her eyes, and deviated the energy ball and sent back at the being. Then the strangest thing happened withing five seconds another energy ball came flying at the deviated energy ball, causing a mini explosion and saving the mysterious being. "Let me guess you decelerated the energy ball and me just in time to send another to blow it up" screamed Jessica very proud of how the battle was doing. "Yep, the only downside to this power is it only last about 30 seconds", said the hooded figure who shreded just behind the shed for the cover. " Really, it seemed to be shorter then that, but that my preception of it is different because I was also affected by you power. SO, warlock whats you name?", howled Jessica as she seemed to be winning the battle. "Bailiel! Why witch?", asked Bailiel confused of where the conversation was going. "So I know what to call you when I kill your sorry ass!", Jessica said with much mockery. "Ha, you can't kill me all on you own im to powerful for a single witch. It will take you whole coven to vanquish my brothers. Who right about know are killing you fellow witch right about now!" Bailiel had a big smile on his face proud of there planed attack. "I need not worry about my friends they can handle themselves. If I were you I'd be worried about you friends they don't stand a chance, especially agianst Layla she has the power to create a force field which cause any active power to be deviated. You should've keep you mouth close becuase now we know enough to write a vanquis spell to kill you brothren all together!", Jessica said with much power to firghten Bailiel. Bailiel got real angry and had to act fast to get his kill as they were on a deadline. Bailiel flicked his hands in Jessica direction which activated his power of Molecular Deceleration. Jessica instantly started slowing down putting her in a slow motion state. Then Bailiel shreded and appeared right infront of Jessica and grabed her by the throat and began choking her. This all happened in about 30 seconds from Bailiel's point of view but for Jessica it all happend in less then 5 seconds, not nearly enough time for her to react.Bailiel with his right hand was choking Jessica and with his left retrieved the athame from his pocket, and held it at Jessica stomach level. "You think you're so powerful witch send my flying. Try set your self free, come on, use you telekinesis to break free. What you can't do it to light headed. See good magic is to weak to win you'll never win that why you all must die!", Bailiel kept ranting on about how he's such a powerful warlock and how he could nver be defeated. Jessica was on the brink of unconciousness. All she thought about was being somewhere else, any where aslong as she was far away from Bailiel. Then her power of Astral projection kicked in, but instead of projection her mind into the astral plane as a spirit, her mind go projected across the astral plane into the phsyical world in a corpreal body not to far from where he real body was being strangled. Jessica tried to use her telekiensis to send Bailiel flying but they didn't work. "My powers must not work in astral from." Jessica said mentally to herself trying hard to keep quite. Bailiel was completely obilivous to the fact Jessica real body was unconcious, as he was still going on about how he was so powerful. Since Jessica couldn't use her powers to send Bailiel hurling into the wooded area, she went to the back of the shed and grab a two by four and snuck towards Bailiel. Jessica real body was turning blue and so Jessica had to hurry and release Bailiel's hold on her before it was to late. Jessica positioned herself right behind Bailiel and aimed for a presure point on the back of his neck the would knock him, as she learned in he MMA class. Jessica cocked as far back as possible to gain maximum force to put Bailiel out cold. Jessica twisted her torso and swung for accuracy and power, and with a big thump Bailiel feel to the ground out cold. Jessica real body fell to the ground when Bailiel released and was lying splayed on the ground. "You should of killed me when you had the chance you SON OF A BITCH!!!", Jessica howled from her corporeal body at Bailiel. Since Astral Projection was a fairly new power she could only do it for short periods of time, but luckily being unconcious when she was in astral mode extended her time frame from one minute to five minutes. Jessica woke up light headed but had her basic motor skills. The first thought on Jessica's mind was getting rid of the body so she telekinetically flung Bailiel deep into the wooded area, where her mom nor the kids who played in the area would find him. Then Jessica went back into the house to find her mom just got out of the shower and didn't even know what happened in the back. Jessica went straight to the shower and cleaned herelf and prepared herself for bed, but before she went to sleep she had to call Bradon and tell him what happened.

Meanwhile Layla was walking down a wood trail to get home. The trail was littered with fallen brances and trees due to the previous hurricane. Layla had just crossed the small bridged on the Brook side trail when she heard a rustle across the large stream. Layla looked in the general direction of the disturbances to be met with big yellow eyes. Layla intially frightned shrieked then after calmed down. The sun was down now and the moon was covered by a passing cloud, so Layla couldn't see the creature well all she could make out was a tail. "I guess it a cat", said Layla an octave higher then usuall trying to reassure herself. Layla walked ahead following the trail ignoring the noises of what seemed to be a domestic cat. Layla stop when she reached a large fallen tree conecting the two banks of the large stream, then the cat climbed on the tree slowly etching across afraid to fall in the shallow stream. "Hey kitty, come on you can do it, come on" said Layla encouragingly. Then the moon came out and she could clearly see what was on the trunk etching closer to her. A big black panther with menacing yelow eyes cut through her sould and she froze like and ice box. To afraid to move or make a sound even breathe she just watched the beast draw nearer. Then something supernatural happened the beast started losing some of it's features: it lost it tail, whiskers, and yellow menacing eyes. The creatures thick coat of fur turned to flesh and the body started morphing into a human being. When the transformation was down a nude burnete woman stod on all fours very much like the panther. Layla fear passed and became more curious. "Who are you? What do you want? " she manged to say. "I'm Belthashax, a warlock if you will", said Belthashax in an english accent. "Cool power, can you change in to anything you want" said layla envying her power. Layla only had limited knowledge of the craft no naturally attuned to the supernaturall world, so she was completely obliviouss to what a warlock was. "Just about, but they're some limitation to it", said Belthashax rising up to be a biped once more. The moon was out and layla could now clearly see Belthashax, her hair only feel down to the point it covered her breast, her genitals were clearly visible in the light. "Why are you out here so late? They're perverts in this town and certanly would'nt mind taking advantage of you. For god sake you naked down to you toes. Why are you out here at this time of night?", exclaimed layla. "I was out here waiting for you my dear.", Belthashax moving closer to the other end of the bank. "What do you want? Why were you waiting for me? Why me?", Layla said inching backwords in fear. "Don't paly the plead card on me witch. You know why I'm here, I'm here to steal you powers. That what warlocks do, we take and take powers moving up in the evil rank to one day rule the underworld and maybe the overworld." Layla was instantly frozen again unable to move and her breath grew shallower by the second, she was having a panick attack. "Obviously you a dumb witch because if you knew what a warlock was you would of ran or fought back. Let me educate you in the dark ways if I may?", Belthashax looked to Layla for approval to continue. Layla nodded her head in approval hoping to postpone what ever was in store for her. " A Warlock is a non-gender specific term used to describe a witch who has done irreversible evil. For example killing an innocent witch for her power or even a mortal just for fun. Warlock are known to hunt down and capture witches to sell them for powers or kill them for theirs. Warlocks favorite tool for stealing a witches power is a power sucking athame. It's a athame bleesed or in this case hexed with the power to steal any magical beings power. The only catch is you have to stab the victim inevitably killing them if the being doesn't recieve appropiate medical attention. Some warlock like to coat their athames in poison or venom to instantly kill their victims. Fun fact warlocks who are born have the power to go into a demonic form showing their rise to great evil. Luky for you i just recently became a warlock so that doesn't apply to you. I don't even need an athame to take you powers i got a spell to do that dirty work." Each word Belthashax said only put Layla into a more severe state of a panick attack. Layla trying to keep the conversation goin took a leap of faith. "Who did you kill that made you a warlock?" Belthashax a little shocked by the question responded in a awry tone. "I killed my fiance. We were both withces he wanted to marry me and I said yes. He wanted a family and I wanted power. So I killed him to gain the power to shapeshift, course with the help of my twin brother Bailiel. Why do you ask witch!" "Just wondering.", said layla innocently. "OH. Well it's time for you to do die. What a shame you were such a good pupil.", Belthashax moved to the end of the bank standing just 6 feet away from Layla. "What makes you think you can kill me while your in human form?", shouted layla choking on her words. "OH, I forgot to tell you my other powers. See as a natural born withc I was blessed with two powers: I can shot light darts they're thin small darts of light capable of burning the target upon contact, I also have the power of molecular acceleration which allows me to speed up the molecules in an object to achieve variety of things such as heating the target up to scolding temperatures, buring objects, even melt them, and make objects catch on fire. I share the power of molecular manipulation with my brother, he has the power to slow molecules down to point where they move in a slow motion state. Does that clarify things." Layla runing out of subjects to talk about took and even bigger leap of faith, "Whats your big plan after you steal my powers?" "Has anyone ever told you curiosity killed the cat" Belthashax laughed menacingly as she shapeshfited into a black panther. She jumped initiation to pounce on Layla. Layla scared let her reflex take over she through her hands up over head and thought about being anywhere but here, then she blinked and teleported herself on the other side of the bank. Layla wondering why she didn't feel any intense pain moved her hands from her face to see she was on the other side of the bank. "I totally forgot I was a witch with kick ass powers. Why the fuck was I scared in the first place im from brooklyn where they shank you first then ask questions. I souldn't be afraid of this skanky ho with her nappy ass head.", Lyala thought to herself. "Ya, but i have nine lives bitch!", layla shouted at Belthashax feeling ever more confident in herself. Belthashax not wanting to make another silly mistaked shape-shifted back into her human form. Belthashax decided it was better to have a long range battle and started shoting light darts at Layla. Layla tried her best to dodge them as she ran for cover behind the fallend tree. "Why am i fucking scared! Ugh, it doesn't mmatter. Okay so she can throw darts that can burn me and anything on contact, SO how do I stop them? Wait I apport things to me so maybe if I tried hard enough I can call her "light darts" to me and send them back at her. Nope, it won't work I won't be able to teleport the dart back at her. But since it the only card up my seleve I might as well play it." Layla got up and ran away from her cover into Belthashax siege of fire. Belthashax through another light dart at Layla aiming for her heart. Layla pulling every bit of concentration and energy from her body into this on move yelled "LIGHT DART thingy". The light dart teleported from its flight in the air to her hand, then using her lacrosse skills through the scortching hot dart back at belthashax. Belthashax quick on her feet held her hand out toward the aproaching dart and made a fist activation her power of molecular acceleration, and heated up the dart to the point it melted away in flight. "You just gave me and idea.", yelled Belthashax triumphantly. She through another light dart and made a fist which supper heated the dart and made it catch fire. Layla put her hand out in hopes to teleport the dart but instead a purple shield erected from the ground and the "fire dart" ricochet of the shield and landed just before Belthashax and upon contact cause the ground to catch fire. Belthashax tried again in hopes to break Layla shield. She through two light darts simultaneously and super heated them till they caught fire which caused them to combine into one big "fire dart". Layla's shield still up richoted the "fire dart" which almost hit Belthashax. Now a small fire was well on its way on the other side of the brook. Layla's left hand which erected the shield turned into a fist and cause the fire to become a ring around Belthashax. "Not so fucking tough now are you bitch. Why don't you come over here and suck my invisible cock", Layla said confidently already knowing the outcome of the battle. The more fired up and rowdy Layla got the more intense and wild the fire got it started to burrn Belthashax's legs. Finally Layla stoped bad mouthing Belthashax and just concentrated on making the fire more intese making the flames rise up to Belthashax neck. Her hair caught on fire and she started screaming for her brother's help. Belthashax couldn't escape she was trap by the fire on all sides she knew if she stayed she would burn to death, so she ran through the fire and shaped shifted in a pond fish and landed in the brook. Layla noticing that Belthashax escape from her firery prison decided to let her go. Layla teleported herself on the other side of the brook and put out the raging fire with her pyrokinesis. Then she got back on the trail and started to head home. Her phone started to viberate in her pocket she pulled it out to see Brandon calling her.

On saturday the group decided to meet up at the park in town to talk and hopefully solve there problem. "Well they were obviously watching us and knew our schedule so they were cordinating their attack", said Jessica leading the conversation. "Well yea, Belthashax was waiting for me at the other side of the banking in her panther form", yelled Layla getting agitated. "I'm just glad we survived that ambush we could of lost our powers, more importantly died." mentioned Brandon trying to be the mediator. "All I'm saying is that they knew we were witches and knew where we would be and what powes we had", said Jessica trying to disarm Layla. "What makes you say that Jess?", ask brandon inquisitively. "They're warlocks they would'nt of come after us all organized and not know what they're getting into, no?", Jessica said with a hint of sarcasm. "Well that makes sense, seeing how they were all cordinated and motivated for our powers.", Brandon said plain and simple. "Okay so what does that matter?", Layla said more relaxed. "Well that means they've been watching and knew were were witches, so how did they gat this information? Why us? What so important about moving up the ranks that our powers are coveted?", Brandon said trying to show Layla their point. "So you guys are freaked about that crap. which I'll admit is important, but I'm more woried about the next time they come. I believe they'll come back more prepared and amped to take us down. We need to prepare for the next attack.", Layla proclaimed with confidence. "Yes so true, but to be prepared we need to know these things. One the other hand we know enough to write a spell and/or brew a potion to kill them. I think that should be our main priority as Layla pointed out then and right behind that figuring out what they know.", Jessica responded trying direct the conversation into level playing field. "Yea, but I have a hunch that the attack will be sooner they we can preapre for. I suggest we devide and conqueror me and Jessica will brew the potion and you having quite a versatile power will see what you can dig up with some reconissance. How does that sound?", replied Brandon proposing a plan of action. "Fine with me. how about you Jessica", Layla responded agreeing to the decision. "Sure seems full proof!", said Jessica with a hint of jealousy becuase she didn't come up with the plan of action. "Okay since we have time to kill why don't we head over to the cemetary to see that grave with the inscription on it.", suggested Brandon. Jessica and Layla agreed with the idea and thought that. "Layla do you think you can blink us over there," said Brandon inquisitevly. "Blink, ... oh you mean teleport all of us over there. NO. I can teleport only short distantces and half the time I'm woried I'll land funny or morph into somone. What makes you think that I could do that." "Well all our powers have grown to be more accurate multiplied by 3, so i thought maybe they grew to teleport us 3 to maybe mid-range distances. It justt an infference who knows and it's not safe lets just walk." Layla gave him a funny look as if to figure him out within the minute but she just returned to doing what she was doing. The walk only took about 30 mins to get to the cemetary which was bring the teens away from the populated town to the suburban areas. When they arrived at Fairview Cemetery they past and array of graves with roses and orchids burning essences. The group kept walking towards the back where they kept their older inhabitatns from around the 1700s,1800s, and early 1900s the came to the grave Claudette Angelica Renor. "What's the bio on her", asked Brandon to Jessica. "She was a maiden who never maried and came from a long line of french women. The last known ancestor of hers that live in the states Jocelyn Nicolette Lemaire, migrated from france, she lived in New Orleans. Claudete wasn't known for being a witch, but Jocelyn was known for being one, She owned her own cult shop. Claudete maried a commoner named Emem Felicien Jouvox , haitian by decent, he was also a witch. They had two sons and one daughter. The daughter Marie Jocelyn Jouvox was the great great great great great grandmorther of Claudette. Well Marie maried and divorced quite a few times she wasn't that great in the love department. Well she moved after her second mariage to Virginia and leaving her brothers in New orleans. all withces of course. She got pregnant with father unknown and had Nicolette Albertine Jorja Jouvox. Nicolette grew up in Virginia and when she was 21 moved to New York to practice journalism. She wrote for a small newspaper and moved up to become editor. When she was 26 she maried Giuliano Raimondo and italian man who worked as a cop of the great apple. That marriage yieled 4 children all daughters. The youngest Gianna Jorja Raimondo, named after her fathers mother and mother. She went to Princeton got a degree in psycology and mareied Paulino Guiomar, a history of witchcraft in his family line. They moved to upstate New York and lived furitflully. They're son Emilio Felicien Emem Guiomar moved down to New Jersey for college and stayed there ever since. He married Rebecca Gena Tamia a student at Princeton and they're marriage yieled one baby, Claudette Angelica Guiomar-" "Can you skip the genieolgy and jump to the important part like maybe and overview of her life and death. When I say "Overview" I mean a synopsis. It's already four thirty and I don't want to get home after hours like last time, and we all know what happen to us during the witching hour!", said Brandon in a rush to make it home before the street light come on at seven."Sorry, I just did alot of research on her I just want to spread my knowledge.", Jessica said feeling the pedagogical moment. Layla just sat down infront of Claudette's grave and started messing with her hands to pass the time while she was listening to what Jessica had to say."Okay, so Her life wasn't that interesting till the end which only lasted 38 years. Pretty young if you ask me! Well she was a historian and worked for Muesem of Natural History in NYC, only about and hour drive. She travelled alot due to her work such as: France, Italy, UK, Chile, Argentina, Peru, Portugual, Spain, anywhere she was sent presumably. She did work for some time at an auction house in Morristown. She lived a simple life maried once to Stewart Canter, she didn't take his last name. She had no children as far as the record shows. The interesting part of her life though is the end. After requisting more time in France after proccuring major artifacts she came home to find her husband Stuart dead in that attic. The police report says she found him upstairs after searching all over the house. Which was quite unussual since he never went up there it was her private room. The autopsy report says he was found with scorthce markes in several areas, and that his heart was incinerated from the inside. The case was never closed as they never catched the murderer. The case never made it to court and Claudetter was remberssed with $100,000 life insurance due to his death. The town and many dectectives that the whole situation was inssurance fraud which opened a new case, but that was closed as there was no evidence to support the claim. About 6 months later in the attic Claudette was found dead by her neighbor. The death consisted of the same burn marks respectively except her heart wasn't incinerated. The case also became a cold file since the murderer was never captured. The $100,000 was only used to bury Claudette while her husband ashes were buried with her in an urn."

TO BE CONTINUED >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Empathy: The power to feel and maniplilate other beings emotions
  • Premonition: The power to see the future, past, and present
  • Aerokinesis: The power to control and manipulate air
  • Themokinesis: The power to control the temperature
  • Atmokinesis: (extension of aerokiensis and themokinesis) The power to manipulate the weather and control it to an extent
  • Levitation: The power to defy gravity and rise into the air at any given hieght chosen by the user.

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