Caleb is a half-manticore whose father, Derek, managed to save from being raised in the path of evil. He grew up having to hide his powers even among the Magical Community as half-demons were still seen as a potential force for evil. He later met the Halliwell witch Chris who had recently lost his mother to an angry mob of mortals and the two became friends. 


Early LifeEdit

He was discovered and taken in by the Charmed Ones after they vanquished his mother. At the Manor the baby and Wyatt developed a friendship to the shock of everyone else who believed him to be evil.

His cries alarted the other manticores and a beast-like creature who kidnapped Piper when he didn't get the child. While being held hostage by the beast Piper discovered that it was actually the baby's father, Derek. He had been trying to save him from other manticores in order to keep him from becoming one of them ever since he was born. Derek stole potions and demonic parts off them and combined it to became a beast-like creature so he could find his son.

Paige and Phoebe, who were unaware of who the beast really was, allowed the manticores to keep the baby and kill the beast in exchange for Piper. After almost dying Derek was turned back into a human and told the other Charmed Ones about what was really happening. The sisters then found the other manticores in the Underworld alongside the baby and vanquished the demonic clan. 

The Charmed Ones returned to the manor and prepared Derek with supplies to look after his son. Piper offered to bind his powers however Derek declined saying it will be his job to him good. The two then left to live their lives.