Nature enhancement
General information
Effects To manipulate and grow plantlife.
Trigger Hand gestures, physical contact or verbbal or mental command.
Alignment {{{Alignment}}}
Category Active / Elemental Power

Chlorokinesis, also known as Agrokinesis, is the ability to grow and manipulate plantlife with one's mind. Users of this ability are capable of manipulating wood, plants, flowers and even moss. In its most basic form, users can grow plantlife as desired.

This ability can be used offensively and defensively by causing plants or vines to quickly grow from the earth and contrict objects or beings, either preventing them from escaping or crushing them, or blocking attacks. Vines can also be used to impale enemies. Users of this ability may also become able to create poisons found in plants or fire thorns as projectiles.

Related PowersEdit

Nature EnhancementEdit

The ability to grow, enhance and rejuvenate plantlife. Users of this power can grow plants and flowers and desired and bring dead plants back to life. This power is possessed by beings of nature such as Nymphs.

Vine TeleportationEdit

The rare ability to teleport through vines. When activated, several vines grow from the earth and surround the user before retreating back into the earth, taking the user with them until he reappears elsewhere.

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