Christopher Perry Halliwell is a Whitelighter-Witch hybrid. He is the second of Piper Halliwell and Leo Wyatt's three kids. Chris is a pretty powerful witch but often feels insecure about his abilities next to his more powerful older brother. Chris marries a Phoenix Witch, Bianca and the couple have four daughters together. In addition to his whiteligter and wiccan duties Chris works at a Museum, authenticating, restoring, researching and cataloguing ancient artifacts. He is the most dedicated member of the family as well as the most neurotic. Chris is obsessed with hunting demons and combined with his need to "prove himself" next to Wyatt he often puts himself through grueling exercises to learn how to better hone his magic. In an alternate timeline Chris travelled back from the future to save his brother from turning evil, his other self died in the process but Chris slowly regained the memories in the form of night terrors in his teen years.


Chris has the ability to Orb, as well as remote orbing and telekinetic orbing. He has not been able to create a orb shield strong enough to withstand attacks from anything but the lowest level demons, despite all the effort he's put into learning. At one time he used to practice by having Wyatt throw energy ball at him, but he took such a beating that Wyatt refused to continue. Chris can also use conventional telekinesis which he strongly prefers or telekinetic orbing, but he does use both depending on the situation. He can use astral projection, though he went out of his way to learn how, it's probable that it would have developed on it's own. He also uses it to enhance his strength in physical fights, which he is quite adept at. Chris has learned to use his photokinesis to have "sight in any light" allowing him to see at night and in poorly lite areas. He can't however see in the dark, as darkness means there is no light to manipulate. He also can create balls of light strong enough to temporarily blind or disorientate an opponent. He figured out that the Elders ability to turn invisible is an extension of photokinesis and taught himself how to do it. However this takes enormous concentration and if held fro too long can exhaust him and give him nosebleeds. He can sense his charges and has omnilingualism and hovering ( which he can turn into levitation when combined with his telekinesis) . But those are his only angelic powers, inheriting less than either Wyatt or Paige. This is explained as being because Paige has no real active wiccan powers and Wyatt is the twice blessed sp he has more. Chris's Omnilingualism is not limited to his charges, he can speak, read and write every language that has ever existed, demonic or mortal, even if it's no longer understood by anyone else. Chris also has electrokinesis, it is unknown whether this is an extension of his photokinesis or an original power as it first developed in the heat of battle. Though Chris did say he was planning of throwing a blinding ball, only a steam of electricity came out instead. Wyatt and Melinda have never been able to accomplish this. However his electricity is not as powerful as most other creatures with the power. It can vanquish some lower level demons and knock out humans but it's not a finishing blow for the upper level demons that Chris usually faces. Chris's omnilingualism gives him and advantage with spells, especially ones already written in another language. However he is not as adept at coming up with spells on the spot because he prefers to consider all possible outcomes and spend time writing it. His sister Melinda is better at off the cuff spells. Chris is most adept at potion making, like his mother before him. Chris is resourceful and has combined his powers in unique ways, he combined his ability to remote orb and his telekinesis to divert Leo's orbs to Valhalla instead of the heavens. He is skilled at the art of divination, especially reading tarot cards, but as he has no premonition powers he doesn't get the same type of visions as his aunt Phoebe or cousin P.J.


Chris worked at his mother's restaurant, Halliwells as a busboy for most of his late teens. He briefly considered becoming a chef like his mother, but decided that the job wasn't flexible enough to accommodate his whitelighter and wiccan duties. He embraced his love for research by getting his restoration job at the Museum. The job is somewhat similar to what his aunt Prue used to do, though he doesn't appraise artifacts for their value. His Omnilingualism and his perfectionism helps him become one of the most prominent in his field which affords him some flexibility. On a number of occasions there have been items of demonic nature come through, whether or not they were relevant to something going on at that time, it's allowed Chris to gain a wide variety of knowledge of demons form around the world. He became a whitelighter at age 19 though he never developed the ability to heal or glamour. Wyatt took over management of P3, but Chris helps out every now and then, whether Wyatt asked for it or not. He also helps his mother at catering events for Halliwells, embracing his love for cooking. Chris has very little free time, what he does have he spends demon hunting or researching. It has been stated that hunting demons is exhilerating for Chris and that doing nothing makes him feel restless and guilty. Once when his family forced him into bed rest after a big battle his Astral self took on it's own life and went to fight demons for him. Chris loves magic and doesn't mind the constant demon attacks, as long as they stay away from his daughters. In one episode Chris temporarily is stripped of his powers by the new Source and he goes into a depressed spiral, losing his sense of identity. Unlike the most of his family Chris has no desire for a normal life, just a good one.


Chris was upset that Wyatt was assigned to be the whitelighter for the new Charemd ONes, made up of his sister, Melinda, and his cousins P.J and Kat. Because of Chris's dual role as both a witch and a whitelighter, as well as his mortal job, the Elders only ever assigned him a few charges. He has never had more than three at a time.

Henry Mitchell Jr.

Henry is Chris's cousin and his first charge. Henry was born to mortal parents but adopted by Paige and Henry Sr. He has no powers but went out of his way to learn all he could about demons and magic and is something of the family consultant along with Chris. Like Chris he felt a need to make up for his lack of power compared to his siblings, however Henry does not have the same inferiority complex and has a much happier, open personality. The two were close from the time they were children often just reading old bestiary's or spell books. Henry currently works as the librarian for the Magic School and he is a future Whitelighter. Chris and him have an ongoing friendly competition to see who knows more about the demon-of-the-week.


Tuatha was an immortal good witch who turned to evil after her sister, Agatha, was burnt at the stake. She was eventually trapped in a cave only to be released two hundred years later and faced off against the Charmed Ones. With the help of the seventh son of a seventh son they vanquished her. In the afterlife Tuatha met her sister and plotted to find a way to return both of them to the physical plane and get revenge. However Agatha was disgusted with what Tuatha had become and refused to go along. Tuatha returned to life on her own, this time determined to prove herself to her sister and become the good witch she once was. The Elders assigned her a Whitelighter to help her on her path to redemption, knowing that Tuatha is extremely powerful and wanting to keep her on their side. Chris and Tuatha but heads almost as often as they get on. Chris has always lived in the morally grey, so he actually matches Tuatha pretty well when it comes to "A means to an end." however Chris's strictness when it comes to no personal gain and fear of consequences as well as his obsession with hunting evil all the time makes Tuatha consider him a "goody two shoes." Tuatha initially struggles with denying her darker impulses as well as determining right from wrong, as some of her means are too strong even for Chris, but as time goes on she gains a stronger moral compass. She also has moments of doubt about whether she can really make up for all the things that she's done. Chris learns to trust Tuatha and what starts as a rocky relationship eventually turns into a friendship. They especially bond over honing their craft, as Tuatha has no offensive powers and Chris feels his are "redundant" to his siblings.

Finley Drages

Finley was one of Chris's earlier charges and a moderately powerful witch who's family was wiped out by a vengeful demon. Chris's job was to help Finley vanquish the demon and protect the Drages line. The two are successful in the vanquish, but Finley dies of wounds sustained in the attack. Chris goes into a spiral of self blame and depression, stating that his inability to heal was the cause of Finley's death. Chris considered clipping his wings, but his aunt and his own whitelighter, Paige, helped talk him out of it. It turns out that Finley's girlfriend was pregnant and so Chris is told that when the time comes he will become the child's Whitelighter. As such despite Finley's death Chris completed his mission as the Drages line goes on.

Jenny Carver

Jenny was a Firestarter with little control over her powers. Chris was her Whitelighter briefly and helped her gain some control, but the two had a brief relationship and the Elders reassigned Chirs when they found out. Although Whitelighter/Witch relationships are no longer forbidden, they are not allowed to be between Whitelighters and charges. Jenny and Chris continue their relationship for a while after the severed connection, it doesn't last very long. The two part mutually.

Alejandra Delgado

She was a future Whitelighter targeted by a Darklighter. Chris was sent to protect her. The two successfully vanquished the Darklighter and she became a bartender at P3. She volunteered at a local hospice during her off hours, taking care of sick elderly people. She would often complain about Chris's controlling behavior but the two got on well for the most part, though they weren't particularly close. He was upset to find out that her and Wyatt were in a relationship and was ultimately happy when it didn't work out. Chris was her Whitelighter for several years until she was hit by a car, killing her instantly. By that time she had done enough good in her life to become a Whiteligter herself.

Felix Drages

Felix is Finley's son who is assigned to Chris when he turns twelve. At first Chris is reluctant to take the assignment as he still feels responsible for the death of Felix's father. However he soon comes around. Felix is a student at Magic school in the same class as Chris's eldest daughter, Piper Lynn. The two are good friends and Felix is often seen at the Halliwell manor. Felix has the power to manipulate molecular density, he can lower his own density so that he can walk thought walls, or increase it so he becomes an unmovable object. It's a pretty powerful ability, however he hasn't got much control over it and sometimes gets stuck in walls. Recently there has been some murmur in the underworld that the demon who tried to wipe out the Drages line might have had some friends who aren't to happy about Felix's existence.


Chris has been wanted for "breeding stock" as Melinda put it jokinglythree times in his life. First by Emmaline Marks. The daughter of Simon MArks, who wanted to marry Paige. Emmaline wanted to marry either Wyatt or Chris in order to combine their family lines and increase their powers. She saw the whole thing as a business arrangement but Wyatt and Chris weren't interested as neither was in love with them. She tried to bribe them with promises of wealth and prestige, but ultimately she gave up and married a wizard instead. The second time was by a demon who wanted to bear a Halliwell heir. At first Chris was confused as to why she kidnapped him over Wyatt, but she explained that it was because she didn't think she would be able to subdue Wyatt. Chris, with the help of Wyatt than the new Charmed Ones, was able to vanquish her before she could force herself on him. The final time was more humorous, Melinda had married a woman, Siggy, who asked if Chris would be their sperm donor so that she could have a baby that would still inherit the Warren line. Both Chris and Melinda decided that it would be too weird. In the end it turned out Siggy was infertile and so Melinda carried their babies with an anonymous donor.

The only person that Chris did have children with was his wife Bianca. They had four daughters.

Piper Lynn Halliwell

Named for both Chris and Bianca's mother, Piper Lynn sometimes goes by "Pippa" but she is never just Piper. She inherited several powers from both her parents but not that many overall. Piper Lynn uses orbing as her teleportation power and has the warren power of Premonitions. She can reconstitute herslf like a Phoenix which is good because her younger sister Phoenix has been known to blow her up when they fight.

Phoenix Freja Halliwell After Piper Lynn, Chris and Bianca struggled to conceive a second child. Chris, while on a vision quest, had foreseen a second daughter and was desperate to make her exist despite the relative short time between her and Piper Lynn's birth (as not being conceived is a sore spot for him) and worried that his own viewing of the future may impacted his daughters future. The two went to Freja, the Norse goddess of warriors and fertility. Despite Chris history with the Valkyries Freja agreed to help them conceive a child, who they named after Bianca's coven and Freja herself. Phoenix takes after her fathers powers, and wants to be a whitelighter when she grows up. She has the warren power of Molecular immobilization and combustion.

Perry Grey Halliwell Perry is four years younger than Phoenix and is named after her fathers middle name and her mother's maiden name. She is the only one of their daughters to have the Phoenix birth mark on her arm. She inherited all of her mother abilities and the whitelighter power of glamouring. She has no warren power.

Pagan Victoria Halliwell The revival of the P tradition was at first unintentional for Chris and Bianca, as Piper Lynn and Phoenix were names they wanted, after that they just went with it and chose a name they liked that wasn't already taken by other family members, and then gave her middle name for Chris's grandfather. Pagan Shimmers but also has some whitelighter abilities. She is just over two years younger than Perry and she has the warren power of telekinesis.

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