General information
Effects Manipulate the flow of time.
Trigger Concentration / Frustration.
Alignment {{{Alignment}}}
Category Supportive Power

Chronokinesis is the ability to change or manipulate the flow of time. It is a very rare and dangerous magical ability, as the user would be able to accelerate, slow down, stopping and even rewinding objects and beings and /or areas. but they can't actually perform time travel, neither affect space or other dimensions.

Although the users can reduce objects and beings to dust through hands or to "heal" or "resurrect" being(s) or reconstruct object(s) be reversing time through a form of a slightly visible energy-based shield by surrounding being(s) or object(s), there are various forms of Chronokinesis, but even then the users have to follow certain rules.

Related PowersEdit

Chrono-Petrification Orbing Edit

Chrono-Petrification Orbing is the magical ability to slow down the time of an objects and beings to the point where they stop moving completely as being frozen in time by being surrounded by powerful gust of chronokinetic orbs in form of bright kinetic force of energy.

the immobilized effect might not be affected if they possess strong enough immunity as a collective or for example the Angels of Destiny and the Angels of Death possess true immunity as they play a vital part in the Grand Design.

Or possess or protected by Compulsion Shielding or reversed time encapsulation, otherwise it would be able contained the enemies for a eternally as their bodies can't adapt enough to allow them to break free. It is activated with either mental commands, which is using just the power of your mind to control and immobilized several targets at once in time, or with verbal commands,


Chrono-Telekinesis is a limited combination of Chronokinesis and Telekinesis and shares similarities to Telekinesis. It can be activated with mental and physical commands to move objects or people while controlling time as well.



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