Cole Turner
Cole turner
Biographical Information
Full Name

Cole Turner

Born January 19th, 1885
Alias Belthazor

The Source of All Evil

Physical Information
  • Half-Demon (formerly)
  • Mortal (formerly)
  • Demon
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Skin Color White
Familial Information
  • Elizabeth Turner
  • Benjamin Turner
Powers and Abilities
Basic Powers
Active Powers
Other Powers
  • Demonic Soldier of Fortune (formerly)
  • Member of the Brotherhood of the Thorn (formerly)
  • District Attorney (formerly)
  • Penthouse Suite

Cole Turner was a demonic soldier of fortune known under his alias Belthazor. He was a half-demon born to a demonic mother and a mortal father. As a member of the Brotherhood of the Thorn, Belthazor rose in power and was eventually hired by the Triad to kill the Charmed Ones.

Cole attempted to get close to the sisters by seducing Phoebe Halliwell, though he truly fell in love with her. Cole then betrayed the Triad and tried to become good. He later became mortal when his demonic half was vanquished by the widow of one of his victims. However, when the sisters faced the Source of All Evil, Cole took in a power known as the Hollow under manipulation of The Seer and the essence of the Source possessed him after he was vanquished.

The essence of the Source merged with Cole and they became one person, though Cole's powerful love for Phoebe remained. Cole later tricked Phoebe into a dark wedding and together they conceived a child. Phoebe then chose Cole over her sisters and followed him down a path of darkness. Phoebe remained at his side and later gave birth to a son, Parker Benjamin Turner.


Early Life

Cole Turner was born to state assemblyman Benjamin Turner and demon Elizabeth in 1885. She killed her husband tree years later when he discovered her true nature, and she took Cole to the Underworld to raise him as a demon. As an adult, Cole become known as the demonic mercenary Belthazor and became a member of the Brotherhood of the Thorn.

Facing the Charmed Ones

In 2000, Cole was hired by the Triad to kill the Charmed Ones. As part of his plan, Cole proceeded to seduce Phoebe Halliwell, though he eventually fell in love with her. When the truth is discovered, the sisters set out to vanquish him, though when Cole proclaimed his love for Phoebe, she helped him escape by faking his death.

Demonic Outlaw and Becoming Mortal

When it was discovered Cole was still alive, he was hunted down by demons. Meanwhile, he grew closer to Phoebe and also earned the respect of her family. However, when the Brotherhood returned, Cole almost turned evil again. His former mentor Raynor cast a spell to turn him evil, though Cole's love for Phoebe saved him once more when she hit him with a potion to break the spell.

When magic was exposed, Cole negotiated a deal with the Source of All Evil to reverse time at the cost of Phoebe remaining in the Underworld. However, after the deal was done, Leo helped them both escaped though Prue was tragically killed by Shax.

Cole helped the sisters several times, until his past came back to haunt him. When a demonic look-a-like named Sykes was killing witches, a widow accused Cole of killing her husband. Although the sisters initially believed it was Sykes, it was later revealed that Cole had killed him after all. The widow then used a potion on him and vanquished his demonic side, turning him mortal.

Becoming the Source

The Charmed Ones later faced the Source of All Evil when The Seer predicted his death and he obtained a powerful force known as the Hollow. The sisters succeeded in vanquishing the Source by calling on the power of their ancestors, though unknown to all, the essence of the Source possessed Cole instead.

While the sisters believed the Source was vanquished, his essence merged with Cole. However, his love for Phoebe remained and together with the Seer, he began planning to lure Phoebe toward evil and conceiving an heir. He tricked Phoebe into having a dark wedding and later impregnated her after slipping her a potion to ensure the child would be evil. Cole later worked with a Wizard to extract the essence of the Source. After learning the truth about Cole and under manipulation of the Seer, Phoebe then vanquished the Wizard and chose to rule the Underworld at his side.

Ruling the Underworld

Three months later, Cole had started organizing the Underworld, though Phoebe struggled with her new role. While listening in on a meeting, Phoebe overheard demons talking about an innocent and received a premonition. After saving the innocent with her sisters, Phoebe sent the demon away and he reported back to Cole. Cole became furious and told her that she needed to make a choice.

When Piper, Paige and Leo arrived at he penthouse to vanquish Cole, Phoebe was left with an impossible choice and nearly sided with her sisters, until she felt her baby kick for the first time. She then freed Cole from the crystal cage and sided with him against her sisters, finally making a choice. When Piper tried to attack Cole, Phoebe defended him and used her powers to stop her sister, thus shattering the Power of Three.

Becoming a Father

Some time later, Cole heard rumors of a demon called the Tall Man seeking to overthrow him and kill his wife and son, so he confronted the demon only to be lured into a trap by the Seer. The Seer then revealed she had been manipulating everything in order to claim Cole and Phoebe's son and use his power to declare herself the new Source of All Evil.

The Seer managed to capture Phoebe and tried to perform a ceremony to extract the child from her womb. However, Cole broke free from the Seer's trap and stopped the ritual. However, the stress caused Phoebe to go into early labor. Cole stabbed the Seer and vanquished her. A Dark Priest told them that Phoebe could only survive the birth if she became demonic herself. Phoebe agreed to save both her own life and that of her son. By using the blood of the Seer, Phoebe then performed a spell to become partly demon, becoming the new Seer in the process. She then went into labor and gave birth to a son, Parker Benjamin Turner.

Powers and Abilities

Basic Powers

Active Powers

  • Banishing: The ability to banish another from one's presence or to another plane.
  • Conjuration: The ability to draw imaginary objects into existence.
  • Electrokinesis: The ability to manipulate electricity.
  • Flaming: The ability to teleport through intense flames.
  • Fire Balls: The ability to threw spheres of fire and metallic swirling rings, capable of vanquishing beings.
  • Force Fields: The ability to project a defensive force field around oneself or others.
  • Incinceration: The ability to instantly incincerate a being with a look.
  • Invisibility: The ability to become unseen to the naked eye.
  • Mind Manipulation: The ability to manipulate the minds and thoughts of another being.
  • Portal Creation: The ability to open portals to other locations and planes.
  • Possession: The ability to overtake others beings by entering their bodies.
  • Pyrokinesis: The ability to create and manipulate fire.
  • Sensing: The ability to sense the location of other beings.
  • Shapeshifting: The ability to alter one's physical shape.
  • Soul Projection: The ability to contain the souls of the dead.
  • Summoning: The ability to summon another being to one's presence.
  • Telepathy: The ability to read the thoughts of another beings and broadcoast one's own thoughts.
  • Transformation: The ability to transform one object or being into something else.
  • Telekinesis: The ability to move objects and beings with the mind.

Other Powers

  • Adjusting: The ability to resist and fight through molecular powers.
  • High Resistance: The ability to be highly resistant to harm and withstand and survive otherwise lethal powers.
  • Immortality: The ability to possess an infinite lifespan and an arrested aging process.
  • Reconstitution: The ability to reform the body after it has been destroyed.