Explosion Beams
Combustive Beaming
General information
Effects Beams run through and distort the Cellular structure of an object, causing them to explode.
Trigger Flick or Point hand(s) in direction.
Alignment {{{Alignment}}}
Category Offensive Power

Combustive Beaming is the powerful and extremely rare hybrid ability of Molecular Combustion and Beaming, as it runs though an object and speeds up their Molecules to the point that they explode through the use of Beams. This power shares many similarities to the power of Combustive Orbing.

Like, Molecular Combustion, this power is channeled through hand gestures; specifically through the use of flicking your hands. When the User(s) emotions are heightened, and such strong emotions can usually cause the User(s) to lose control of this power, they have the potential to cause massive amounts of unintentional damage.

However if the User(s) emotions are heightened but they do not lose control of them, then the User(s) can cause even greater amounts of damage with the added power boost.


The user can also manipulate this power in a form of deviation through the use of creating small explosions in the air, causing the objects that they are focusing on to change its course in mid air.

Counteraction to Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Because this is a combination of Molecular & Teleportation /Movement abilities, not only can User(s) launch concentrated waves of destructive lights from the palms of their hands, they can also use this power to defeat enemies in mid-teleportation.

Exhaustion & LimitationsEdit

Although the user can counteract and prevented the evil beings from reconstituting again after being blown up. doing so it would be extremely exhausting for the user to keep having complete attention and intense mental effort to continuously launch concentrated wave of destructive lights, as it requires a lot of energy and concentration and making the user defenseless.

Like other powers, there exist some magical beings who are completely immune the effects of this power, and as such it will have next to no effect on them.


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