The Demon of Memory, known to all as Cresil, a very powerful Upper-level demon. His Modus Operandi is to erase the

General information
Full name Cresil
Born Unknown
Alias Unknown
Classification Demon of Memory
Species Demon
Diversity Demon
Distinction Erasing the memories of Good beings to turn them evil.
Family information
Family Unknown
Affiliation Information
Status Extant
Alignment Evil
memories of Beings with good magic to give them an opportunity to turn evil. He will start with memories of the being's family heritage and then move to the 48 hour window between good and evil. Once the memories are erased, Cresil can either call upon demonic shapechangers i.e Furies, the Spider Queen etc. To change them for themselves or Cresil can keep let the beings go and be influenced by good or bad.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Active Powers:Edit

  • Memory Manipulation: Ability to control memories of oneself and others, allowing them to modify, fabricate, suppress, influence, repair, restore, erase, detect and view them.
  • Confusion Inducement: Ability to cause a temporary interferance in a person's mind and can distort the memory slightly, depending on the user's power status.
  • Blinking: A form of instant teleportation activating by picturing a location and blinking.
  • Energy Bolts: The ability to shoot small bolts of pure energy from the hands.

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