Damon Wyatt
Biographical Information
Full name Axel Damon Wyatt
Born October 31st, 1980
Physical Information
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Skin Color American
Familial Information
Parents Axel Wyatt & Isobel Salvatore
Grandparents Leonardo Wyatt & Beth Petrova
Powers and Abilities
Basic Powers
Active Powers
Occupation College Student
Home Salvatore Manor
Portrayed By
Adult Damon Ian Somehalder
Young Damon Nico Tortorella
"You think I'm afraid of you? I can snap your neck before you even have time to blink."
Damon's evil nature fights with his good one.

Axel Wyatt commonly referred to as "Damon" is the fourth child of Axel Wyatt and Isobel Salvatore and their last remaining offspring. Damon was born to a Witch and a Vampire, which caused him to be extremely powerful to other magical species however, he would be almost weakened by natural elements like the sun. However, he obtained a ring that protects him from being incinerated by the sun from a 18th century witch, Emily Bennett.

Although, being deprived from a line of good witches and a line of evil Vampires[1]. He is more or less on the good side of things, however his evil side does take over from time to time, almost hurting the one's he cares about the most.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

Isobel: "Damon, your sister and brothers, uh they're not coming back"
Damon: "Why? What happened?"
Isobel tells the truth to Damon and what he will have to face.

Damon was a relatively happy and courageous child, until the death of his older sister and brother's. Which caused Damon to become servery depressed at a young age. However, which counseling and support from his family, he was able to get back to his normal life, or so he thought. Unknown to him, more hardships will face him and one that would leave him powerless to the end.

At the age of eleven, he first came into his power Telekinesis, which scared him a lot. He found comfort in his mother, who finally told him what he really is and what his father was too. He finds out who is deprived from a line of good witches however, is also is deprived from a line of evil vampires which might cause some difficulties.

Although, it took him a while to accept the fact he is who he is, he did with help from his his mother and father. Although, he didn't actually start attending school until the age of 17 and what waited for him at high school was just around the corner, and where he may be swayed to the path of evil once and for all.

Teenage Years Edit

Damon: "Uh, Hi. Sorry I'm new here. I'm Damon."
Elena: "I gathered that. I'm Elena."
Damon meets Elena for the first time.

Revelation of being a Doppelgänger Edit

Rose: "Because you are a Salvatore doppelganger. You’re the key into breaking the curse "
Damon: "What do you mean I’m the key?"
Rose reveals more about Damon's destiny.

College Years Edit

Witch/Vampire Duties Edit

Powers and Abilities Edit

Isobel : "You're extremely powerful Damon, a lot more powerful then I was."
Damon: "Well if that doesn't make me cocky, I wonder what will."
Damon jokes about his powers.

Compulsion Edit


Damon using compulsion


Damon using Enhanced Strength.

Compulsion[2] is one of Damon's most used powers although he swore not too used it anymore. It enables Damon to get into the mind of who ever he wants, and control his/her thoughts to make them forget or remember anything he desires. Although, sometime it is extremely risky, Damon has full control of the power since he used it for the first time in high school. However, this power can not be used against other vampires or other magical beings. This power, is often referred to an evil based power, although Damon hardly uses it for personal gain only to make other human beings forget if they have seen him using any of his other powers.

Enhanced Strength Edit

Due to him being half vampire he got gifted with the power of Enhanced Strength which enables him to move rather large and heavy objects to a long distant. However, this power is only limited and was toned down by his mother so he wouldn't be able to physically hurt or kill another human being. He was enraged about this, but eventually understood what his mother was doing, which was trying to protect him. He eventually gained enough trust from his parents, to get the full version of this power back in time to go into a huge battle.

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Notes and References Edit

  1. Although, his father did eventually turn good and relinquished his powers
  2. Often referred to as "Compelling"