Dark Elders are the demonic counterparts of Elders, rulling over the darklighter community with an iron fist from a magically concealed cave in the underworld where only magical creatures with the power to black orb can enter. Dark Elders work in a fashion much similar to Elders except that contrary to the later they are willing to use their powers in battle and possess much more offensive powers, many taken from demons.

Modus OperandiEdit

Dark Elders work through darklighters whom they have charged with killing whitelighters so that witches become vulnerable to demonic attacks. They work under the Triad but they desire to become the dominant force in both the underworld and the overworld, controlling everything. Dark Elders prefer to amass enough knowledge and magical power as well exploring any oportunity to sieze power.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Basic Powers
    • Black Orbing: the power to teleport through black orbs.
    • Apportation: the power to teleport living beings and inanimated objects through planes of existance.
    • Touch of Death: the power to burn and kill a being with a touch.
  • Other Powers
    • Shielding: the power to erect a magical shield
    • Electrokinesis: the power to unleash lightning bolts from one's hands or eyes
    • Remote Orbing: the power to orb a being or object that is not in one's presence
    • Invisibility: the power to render oneself invisible
    • Telekinesis: the power to move objects with one's mind
    • Pyrokinesis: the power to create and control fire
    • Energy Balls: the power to conjure electrical magic balls
    • Virtual Manipulation: the power to cast realistic ilusions
    • Glamouring: the power to disguise oneself

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