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Drake Billie Halliwell is a Demon witch and the youngest fan made son of Phoebe Halliwell and Drake De'mon born a year after Chris Halliwell. He was created by the author known as Charmedfan120 on the website He has only three stories however he did appear in the author's other story on Son of Andy and Prue. His powers include Premonition, Levitation, Astral projection and telepathy on quite a high scale. As well as Molecular Manipulation which he gains in the second book.


Not much is known for Drake apart from Phoebe only found out she was pregnant the day before Drake De'mon's death his mother couldn't tell him that he wouldn't be able to raise his son. After he was abounded by his mother he was somehow found by a Mercury demon called Marcus. Phoebe erased her family memories of her pregnancy and for the next ten years Drake would grow up in an abounded house where he would train and learn to control his powers. However one night Drake somehow used his telepathy unknowingly to contact his sister P.J and Chris and put them in some sort of dream state where they see him about to kill a man. The next day after finding out that Chris had the same dream Phoebe tells her family about her son they decide to summon him with the spell to call a lost witch and place him in a crystal cage however he reveals that he was a astral projection. Leo and Piper find his victim and take him to the manner for safety. Chris and P.J try to find Drake by making up a spell to find him they are transported to the abounded house but was tricked by Marcus who traps them with a magic candle which temporally binds both cousins powers so they can't escape. Phoebe who was now at the manner worried for the safety for both Chris and P.J casts the same spell to find Drake only to find out it was a trap Phoebe calls out for Drake who replies "hi mum how long has it been ten years" Marcus then decides for Drake to join the Mercury demons which his farther was he had to kill Phoebe and the two cousins. Drake then about to kill Phoebe receives a premonition showing that once he kills the three of them Marcus kills Drake however Drake then throws the dagger into Marcus vanquishing him Drake shared a emotional scene with Phoebe then four go to the manner and P.J and Phoebe summon Drake's father who then shares a hug with his son.

In Phoebe's three sons the sequel to the Lost child of Phoebe and Drake which was Drake's first appearance it is revealed that Drake in fact has two half brothers to Cole one the year before Cole became the source however after finding both brothers Ben and Pete Drake returns to Victor's apartment where he currently lived only to find out Phoebe was there after a brief argument Drake collapsed after one of his powers goes out of control Paige orbs Phoebe, Drake and Victor to P3 café which is owned by Drake De'mon's brother John who at first refused to help them because he hasn't seen his brother yet so Phoebe quickly conjures him and his father asks him to save his son John after examining him says that it appears that the magic of a charmed one and his brother made passed a massive amount of power to their son and he was not expected to live the night. Then waking up for a quick second Drake asks Chris to get his brothers Ben and Pete then reveal that Drake can be saved by the power of three but not the charmed ones but Drake's due to there being a prophecy sating when three demon witch brothers wise their collective power of three be only second to Phoebe's. After performing a blood oath Drake recovers but it takes a few days but back at Victor's apartment Chris and Drake begin scrying with an crystal and a knife used by a demon to kill someone there P.J's school the crystal drops at the manner Chris then orbs the both of them to the manner to only find out that Pete and Ben killed Piper, Phoebe, Paige and the rest of their family members in there to save their family they take their dead bodies to Victor's and the book of shadows and use their relative's heart to bind Pete's and Wyatt's powers because Wyatt was turned by a spell the duo then return to the manner however when finding out that Pete and Wyatt lost their powers Ben kills them and Chris holds off Ben while Drake tries to go back in time to the time and place where a dark priest is resurrecting Pete however Ben just simply kills Chirs but gets through the portal and is struck by a energy beam by Ben but manages to vanquish the priest and changes the timeline. Drake then wakes up to find out his father didn't die however P.J and Parker where never born.

The Final story of Drake is the third book in the series for Drake he starts off frustrated due to the fact that his life is so different however Chris who has no memory of the event that happened so Drake casts a spell which causes Chris to have some sort of Premonition seeing all the alternative timeline. Drake decides that he has to move on so he goes to De'mon Grimore and cast the spell to erase memories. After that they both get changed in to some super hero outfit and head out and find a innocent looking girl who ends up attacking a woman however Chris and Drake managed to save her but the demon got away. Later on it is revealed that she is working for upper level demons and they tell her to get close to him and crush his harte. Over time after going on a study date with her they grow passingly in love until it they find out that Drake has been cursed in his past life and future life for going out with Kathrine's past life Louise after finding out she's a demon he finds her in the same ally where he sees her kill someone Piper attempted to blow up but Drake stops her kisses Kathrine and casts a spell so strong that it vanquishes her soul.

His final appearance is in Son of Andy and Prue where he saves Paul from some demons in New York and threatens him not to pursue witchcraft. After Paul ignored him Drake tells Andy and leaves it is presumed sometime in between the final story of Drake and Son of Andy and Prue he ran away.

Personality At first Drake is seen to be tough and has a difficulties making relationships as he has develop a thick skin however as time grew he has shown to be witty sarcastic even over protective of his family and will even die for them however he is shown to be intelligent in the way of the craft and loves his cousin Chris and his Grandpa dearly. He is stubborn and doesn't do what people tell him to do.




Clothing Drake wears t shirts shorts or jeans.


Phoebe Halliwell: Drake doesn't really seem to have good relationship with his mother however they have got on some occasions Phoebe is currently still trying to find him.

Piper Halliwell: Drake seems to like Piper when he is confused he either comes to her or her son Chris as well as Victor.

Victor Halliwell: Drake loves his grandpa with all his harte he just loves to talk to him and spend time with him.

Chris Halliwell: Chris is Drake's favorite cousin they went demon vanquishing and share similar traits like putting their responsibly for the good first then their family and themselves last.

P.J: Before changing the time he loved his sister and he got alone with he was overprotected of her even more so of his younger sister Parker.

Parker: Before changing time their relationship was rocky they would mostly fight.

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