Dwarfs are fairy tale creatures from the Enchanted Forest. They appear in the fairy tale Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Dwarfs, like other fairy tale folk, exist outside the fairy tales. Dwarfs are small in size. They are smaller than elves and lephrecauns but bigger than trolls.

Dwarfs work in the Enchanted Mines, minning for magic jems that are used for crystal balls, scrying crystals and wands. However, if someone bites the Evil Queen's poisoned apple, they will sense it and will come to preserve the victem's body in a crystal coffin.

Dwarfs are only concerned with their jobs. They are hard workers, strong and fiercly loyal. Each dwarf is named after their strongest emotion. A dwarf might be named Happy, Scary or Dreamy. Though they are only concerned with their jobs, they will help anyone who is being terrorized by the Evil Queen.

Dwarfs are closely related to gnomes. Dwarfs each own a magic pickaxe that can crush even the hardest jewels into powder.

Physical AppearenceEdit

Dwarfs look like small humanoid men. A dwarf's eyes are either brown, gold, black or silver. Their skin is dark and tanned, similar to rock. Some dwarfs may have grey coloured skin. Their arms, fingers, legs and skulls are thick and as hard as stone. Dwarfs can look like middle aged or elderly men. Their hair can be straight, curly or wavy and can be many different colours. Many dwarfs have beards.

Dwarfs wear clothing from the Middle Ages. Dwarfs are often covered in powdered jewels. Dwarfs wear metal belts which they use to carry their pickaxes.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Hyper Speed: Dwarfs can move super fast, easily able to out run any other being. When they move, they look like a blur.
  • Metal Sensing: Dwarfs can sense the presence of metals and other minerals from the earth.
  • Strenght: Dwarfs are stronger than most magical creatures. They could easily break a human's bones.
  • Longetivity: Dwarfs can live for many centuries. 


Dwarfs are very heavy, heavier than a car. Due to their great weight, dwarfs cannot swim. If they fell into water, they would sink like a rock.

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