Advanced Electrokinesis 8
General information
Effects Conjure and Manipulate electricity and lightning.
Trigger Anger / Rage / etc.
Alignment {{{Alignment}}}
Category Teleportation / Offensive Power

Electrokinesis is the extremely powerful ability some what common and possess by several magical beings to create and project electricity or lightning, and also one of the four elemental abilities. Although there are various forms of this ability.

Advanced ElectrokinesisEdit

Advanced Electrokinesis is the advanced version of Electrokinesis which has evolve into highly concentrated beam-like blasts of electricity, to shoot a continuous blast of electric energy at an enemy, even capable of vanquishing even the most powerful beings.

Related PowersEdit

Electricity TransformationEdit

Electricity Transformation is the ability to change into electricity momentarily, render one's body intangible, allowing them to be rendered intangible grants immunity to physical and certain energy-based attacks. it requires complete attention and intense mental effort to continuously remain intangible for extended periods of time.


Electrogenismis an extremely powerful ability to create and manipulate electricity itself to have the quality of being capable to create massive electrokinetic formed spheres or arrows and other projectiles to fire at demons, it's a rare ability and as such, not much is known about it's exact limits.

Electrokinetic Smoke-FadingEdit

Electrokinetic Smoke-Fading is the combined ability to teleport from place to place by a through an electrified combination characteristics of Smoke and Fading.

Electrokinetic WebbingEdit

Electrokinetic Webbing is the ability to launch extremely powerful strings of electricity appeared from the pawns and completely preserved the enemy or make webs making it impossible for the beings to teleport from the electrified cocoon, although very powerful beings are capable to be contained temporary due to their physical or mental energy to break through.

Lightning TeleportationEdit

Lightning Teleportation is the ability to teleport through lightning or electricity.

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