Empusa are the servants of Hecate. Created by Hecate's blood and flesh, these savage demons are Hecate's most trusted minions. Empusa are one of the most dangerous and savage of demons and will willingly obey their mistresses will.

When Hecate was banished by the Source, she used a powerful spell to create the empusa. The empusa are her devoted minions and will follow Hecate to the end. Like their mistress, they can be banished by the jeweled poignard.

Physical AppearenceEdit

The empusa have the bodies of tall human women. They posses sharp, black claws that could slice through metal. Their skin is wrinkled. An empusa's hair is wild, shaggy and tangled. An empusa's mouth is filled with rows of tiny, needle-like teeth. Their lips are black and oily. Their eyes are fiery red and glow with a blood red light. Their faces are disfigured and hideous. Empusa have four small, grey horns on their heads. They greatly resemble their creator and mistress. Their ears are long and pointed like elf ears.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Limited Shape shifting: Empusa can transform intomortal women.
  • Strength: Empusa posses immense strenght. They could lift a full grown man and fling him through the air with tremendous force.
  • Pyrokinesis: Empusa can project balls and blasts of ashy fire.
  • Immortality: Empusa can live forever without aging.

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