Evan Nicolae
Brendan Coughlin
Biographical Information
Full Name

Evan Nicolae

Born July 10th, 2010
Physical Information
Species Gypsy
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Greenish Gray
Skin Color White
Familial Information
  • Ava Nicolae
  • Derek Evans
Powers and Abilities
Basic Powers
  • Spell Casting
  • Potion Making
  • Scrying
  • Divination
Active Powers
  • Optical Thermodynamics
  • Precognition
Inactive Powers
  • High Resistance
  • Waffediyok
  • Student
  • San Francisco Apartment
  • Good
  • Nicolae Clan

Evan Nicolae is a Gypsy and the son of Ava Nicolae and the mortal Derek Evans, born in the year 2010. As the son of a powerful Shuvani, a Gypsy High Priestess, Evan possesses similar powers and abilities to his mother and the rest of his clan, making him a powerful magical Gypsy. He is also in posession of the Waffediyok, the Evil Eye, which further enchances his powers.


Birth and Early Life

About a year before Evan was born, his mother started dating a colleague in the hospital, Derek Evans, who was a doctor like her. After dating for a while, Ava was shocked to discover she was pregnant. The pregnancy was unplanned and the relationship wasn't serious yet. However, when Ava decided to keep the baby, Derek promised to support her. Because they were not married, Ava was adamant that the baby got her last name, due to the heritage of her tribe. Derek was not happy with the decision, so Ava made the compromise to give name him Evan, after Derek's last name.

After Evan was born, the relationship between Ava and Derek when a demon tried to kidnap the baby, forcing Ava to reveal the truth about her magic and heritage. When Evan was two years old, Derek broke all contact. Ava then raised Evan on her own, binding his powers and keeping him away from her heritage to protect him from evil.

Dicovering Magic

As a teenager, Evan started studying his family heritage, leading him to discover about the Nicolae magic and the Waffediyok. When finding the Evil Eye among his mother's possessions, his magic was unbound by its magic. However, unlocking his magic also alerted a demonic Gypsy Hunter to his presence. The demon nearly killed him, until Ava appeared and vanquished the demon with her own magic.

While initially angry at his mother for keeping this secret, Evan ultimately understood why she did it and forgave her on the condition that she started training him in the use of his magic.

Embracing His Destiny

As Evan learned to use and understand his powers under tutorship of his mother, he learned of an ancient prophecy of the Nicolae clan that a son would rise and defend the clan, as well as the world, from evil. His mother then gave his their family's heritage, the Waffediyok, although she feared for his safety. Having ownership of the Evil Eye enchanced Evan's power and granted him the power to see visions of innocents in need. His first innocent was a mysterious girl named Dakota, who was revealed not to be quite so innocent after all, as she had tried to kill the demon who killed her friend.

When Evan tried to ask her who and what she was, Dakota revealed herself to be a werewolf by transforming into wolf shape, warning him to stay away from her. Later that night, Evan asked his mother about her, who then revealed the origin of the werewolf curse. A few days later, Evan had a premonition of Dakota being killed by a group of demons and went to her rescue. When he saved her, she apologized and admitted that not all gypsies were evil as she believed. When they touched, Evan had a premotion of them kissing.

Powers and Abilities

  • Evan firing an optic blast
  • Hitting a demon
  • the demon screams
  • And is vanquished
As a gypsy, Evan possesses the basic magical powers of Spell Casting, Potion Making and Scrying. Due to his heritage, he also possesses a natural aptitude for Divination, also known as fortune telling, through he rarely uses this ability. As an upper-level magical being, he is also highly resistant to magical and physical injuries.

Evan possesses the active powers of:

Optical Thermodynamics

The power to shoot a concentrated blast of green energy from the eyes. A power inherited from the Nicolae clan. These blasts are powerful enough to vanquish low-level beings and can cut through skin, wood and other materials. These blasts cannot cut through stone or metal, although they can heat them, and can be redirected through reflective materials like mirrors.


The power to receive premonitions of the past, present and future. When Evan gained ownership of the Waffediyok, his powers advanced into premonition, allowing him to see visions of innocents in need. Evan cannot control this power and usually receives visions when touching a person or object or being close to an important location. He has also shown to receive premonitions in dreams.


  • The front of the Waffediyok
  • The back of the Waffediyok
The Waffediyok, also known as the Evil Eye, is a powerful magical talisman passed down through the Nicolae clan of gypsies. Despite the name, the talisman is not evil, as it only harms evil and those that seem to harm the clan. The talisman can augment the powers of magical beings, enhancing their basic and active powers. The talisman is shaped like a cross with an eye in the center, which can be worn around the neck.



  • Evan's appearance is based on Brendan Coughlin.
  • Brendan worked with Holland Roden on Grey's Anatomy.

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