Ewah's are rare magical beings that possess the ability to shapeshift from human to cougar-like form. They were

General information
Full name Ewah
Born Unknown
Alias Cougar Hybrids
Classification Various
Species Magically Altered Humans
Diversity Reproduction
Distinction Ancient Enchantment
Family information
Family Ewah's
Affiliation Information
Status Extant
Alignment Good
famous creatures of Cherokee mythology and were considered beings of death. They soon changed their alliegance once they figured how corrupted evil was with power. Their species started when a woman disguised herself in the skin of a cougar to spy on her husband who was rumoured to have been in numerous affairs. Once the men found out about her acts of violation, the medicine man placed a curse on her and turned her into a Human/Cougar shapeshifter.

In today's magical society, they stay secluded as to avoid trouble with demonic evils and warlocks. Once however, demonic poachers tried to hunt them down so they turned to The Charmed Ones for protection. The Charmed Ones vanquished their poachers and they returned to seclusion. Ewah's cannot spread their condition but reproduce in great numbers. Often Ewah's reproduce with mortals or witches, lessening their numbers but still reproducing.


In the mid-18th Century, the Ewah's came out of magical seclusion to try and blend with the mortal world. They were not treated exactly equal to the other mortals and were considered slums of the city. They had no awareness of other magical beings as their evolution had not granted them such abilities. This drove the Ewah's to go feral and began attacking mortals. This drew the attention of Helena Warren, one of the Warren Witches. She had the power of Molecular Crystallisation and began to freeze out the Ewah's. As soon as they went back into seclusion, their minds became stable and they no longer became hunted beings.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Hyper Speed
  • Double Jumping
  • Claw Elongation
  • Limited Shapeshifting
  • Enhanced Reflexes
  • Enhanced Senses
  • Enhanced Endurance and Durability


They are vulnerable to magic of both evil and good. 

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