San francisco
Cosmic Information
Alternative Name
  • Exposed Universe
  • Tuxerverse
  • Magic's existance is public domain
  • Witch hunters' activities are legal
  • The Charmed Prophecy has been nulified
Major Events
Status War-torn

The Exposedverse is a universe where Magic has been exposed and witches are being hunted down and executed in modern versions of witch trials. In this world the war of Good vs. Evil has been blurred and the destinctions between good magic and evil magic were inexistant before demons launched an attack on San Francisco.

The most powerful magical family, the Halliwells, attempted to protect the magical community by coming "out of the broomcloset" and prove to mortals that magic could be used for good. However when Piper Halliwell was murdered by teenaged witch hunters wanna-bes the Halliwells created a protective shield around the Manor to protect themselves. 

Despite their attempts the government declared witches to be dangerous and created the Hecate Project to strip them of their powers. Some politicians like Nathaniel Pratt spread a fear of magic to further their political careers and supported the execution of witches.


The Burning TimesEdit

By the 1400s there had been a massive anti-magic movement in the Western countries, starting with the writting of the infamous Malleus Malifecarum which labelled witchcraft as the result of "female imperfection" and a diabolical religion. Thanks to scientific improvements this dark essay made it into many hands and was largely responsible for the death of millions of women in the following centuries.

Demonized as evil and ugly hags, witches went underground - but in many cases The Craft could not survive in the dank air of the broomcloset and the wiccan magic grew tainted. Many witches turned to morally ambiguous powers to protect their loved ones from a world that hated them becoming as cruel as their persecuters said they were. Some of these "wicked" witches went to create family covens of dark magic that would survive to modern times, such as Phoenix Witches.

Despite the persecution witchcraft survived, with many books of the old ways being stored away in the newly created universities where the brave and the curious could unlock the magical secrets. Also witches added many ingredients of their potions to popular recipes, ensuring the survival of some mystical knowledge.

The ConsequencesEdit

In 1735 the Witchcraft Act was passed by the Parliament of Great Britain making it illegal for a human being to pretend to have magical powers or practising witchcraft. This law was influenced by the Enlightenment rationalists to wane people out of believing in magic and witchcraft.

Despite most of the witch community had already been devastated by the actions of witch hunters and many preferred to practise their craft in secrecy. Many covens had turned away from the wiccan ways and turned to dark magic to protect themselves creating dark dinasties. However wiccan magic did survive, starting with the birth of Melinda Warren in colonial Virginia in 1670, who started a coven of wiccans that would later gave birth to the Charmed Ones, the most powerful witches the world has ever known. Also the celestial beings known as Elders created the ranks of whitelighters to guide the remaining witches in the wiccan way.

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