Fairies are small yet powerful magical beings that live in a parallel dimension. Faires have been seen in many fairytales and are kind, good beings that are very helpful but they can be very mishcievious. The fairies are the rulers of the Fairy Realm and are the enemies of the evil and manevolent pygmy trolls.

The Fairy Realm is ruled by a king, queen and seven princesses. In the realm of the fairies, the queen is higher in stature than the king and is the most powerful of the fairies. As fairies are immortal, the king and queen have ruled the realm for many centuries.

Fairies are both male and female but they all have a shimmering glow and can fly and beautiful insect-like wings.

Fairies are covered in a magical substance called fairy dust. Fairy dust contains many magical abilities such as the power to transform objects, give peopke the power to fly and make things invisible.

Fairies can only be seen by magical creatures such as nymphs and genies as well as children. Adult humans who do not believe in fairies cannot see them. Fairies love children and will defend them if they are attacked by any supernatural force.

Fairies act like a swarm of deadly wasps when attacking enemies. They can create magical blasts to sting their foes which are like the sting of a bee.

One of the reasons fairies love human children is because they are full of life and love, which makes the fairies stronger.

The Great War of the Fairy RealmEdit

Many millions of years ago, the Fairy Realm was ruled by the malevolent and cruel Queen Mab. She was the most powerful of the faires and ruled for many centuries but she was a bad ruler. She was cruel and black hearted and when humans were created and fairies created the portals, Mab wanted the human children. Mab created hideous creatures called changelings and would replace the human children with changelings. Mab would seem kind to the children but then she would suck their life and happiness until their was nothing left.

This went on until one fairy named Fae could not stand it any longer. She hated how all the children were drained by the wicked queen so she challenged the queen to a magic duel. The fight was hard but in the end Fae won and destroyed Mab and was crowned Queen of the Fairy Realm.


Fairies are very attractive and colourful in appearence. They are slender, five, six or four inches tall and range from very pretty to extremely beautiful. Faires have glossy skin, glowing eyes and pointed ears. Many fairies have antennas. Fairy eyes and skin comes in any human colour but usually glows with coloured light. Fairy hair can range from blondes and blacks to reds and pinks.

Fairy wings can be similar to bee, fly, dragonfly, butterfly, wasp, grass hopper, moth or ladybug. Their wings are big and come in many different coloures. Fairies glow with a bright shimmering light that can light up the darkest night. Faires dress in clothes made from nature such as leaves, spiderwebs, silkworm silk, petals, flowers and berries.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Photokinesis: Fairies have the power to project and manipulate light. Fairies can use light to see in the dark, create orbs of light, manipulate its shape and can light up any part of their bodies. Their light is strong enough to break through solid walls, push a person back or incinerate them with balls and blasts of pure light energy. This light can also help with the growth of plants and create bubbles of light. Fairies can meld light into cages, ropes or any other object. The stronger fairies can create a huge blast of light that can destroy their enemies with ease.
  • Electrokinesis: Faires have the power to manipulate and summon lightning. With this power, fairies can control electrical objects, electricity, create storms and blast lightning bolts from their hands. The stronger faires can create a electric force field.
  • Stardust  Manpulation: Faires have the ability to control stardust. They can blast it in the form of lightning bolts, blast orbs of stardust and can shape it into any form they please.
  • Magic: Faires can cast spells and enchantments as well as undoing spells and curses.
  • Strenght: Fairies are stronger than they look and can push a full grown human man with tremendous force.
  • Flight: With their wings, fairies can fly through the air at great speed.
  • Teleporting: Fairies can teleport to other places and worlds by disappearing in a flash of light.

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