General information
Effects Fly high in the air and move at will
Trigger Rise both arms in the air
Alignment Neutral
Category Transportation Power
Flight, also known as Advanced Levitation and is commonly refered to as 'flying'. It is the ability to defy gravity and propel oneself through the air at tremendous speeds. Self-propelled flight is by far the fastest way to fly to one's desired destination.

This power is superior to all other gravity defying power; as such it automatically grants the user access to several other abilities: Levitation, Hovering, Floating and Rising.


Users can lift themselves off the ground through sheer act of will or by rising one or both hands into the air: once airborne, he or she can self-propel through the air at tremendous speeds and in any direction he or she chooses.Besides transportation, the power is especially useful when conducting aerial reconnaissance, evading attacks or escaping capture. It is possible to carry others while flying, presumably this is limited to the strength of the flyer. For example, Phoebe Halliwell was able to carry two normal-sized adults with ease. Another good example of this feat was when a Genie stripped the power of Flight from a Dragon Warlock and granted it to her. When the Dragon Warlock came looking for his stolen power, Phoebe grabbed him and flew him out of the manor. She was able to sustain his weight with only one arm until she dropped him in a park. While inside the Nexus of The All, Phoebe became able to use her power to it's full potential, allowing her to not only fly but was also able to carry Piper and Paige with ease. According to Prue, the dome let her tap into the point her power will grow to, but it will take some time for her power to grow to that level naturally.It should be noted that before her power grew into Flight, Phoebe flew on four different occasion using her own magic, each time was due to her Levitation power temporarily evolving.


Natural Flight takes time to learn, as one must first learn how to maintain balance and navigate while floating. Some users may also find landing difficult, and will mostly likely crash land a few times before they are able to land on their feet. However, people that naturally posses and use the power of Levitation may not require training when their power evolve because they already have experience defying gravity.


Self propelled and winged flight can match some forms of teleportation in speed, (ie) Orbing. However, a self propelling flyer can fly much faster than someone using wings, as seen when Phoebe flew from San Francisco to Phoenix, Arizona in a blink of an eye.


After Rennek's defeat, Phoebe took to the air to enjoy her power, but she quickly discovered that she could only use it for brief amounts of time.

Supported FlightsEdit


The possessor can fly using wings. Winged flight is somewhat rare among demons and a few good mystical beings, (ie) Fairies and Cherubs. However, some beings have to transform into animals to fly; vampires turn into bats. But are still no match to the speeds a non-winged flyer can fly.

Cloud of MistEdit

Wood Nymphs can fly by either surrounding or transforming the lower half of their bodies into clouds of green mist.

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