Jinny the Genie
General information
Full name Genies
Born {{{Born}}}
Alias {{{Alias}}}
Classification Various
Species Immortal Wish Granting Humans
Diversity Genies
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Family information
Family Other Genies
Affiliation Information
Status Extant
Alignment Good
Genies are magical tricksters who grant three wishes to their "master." Genies can revert to smoke, and are housed in items such as lamps, urns, and bottles.

Making a wish with a genie can be very dangerous, as there is often a catch to receiving what you're after. Leo Wyatt once described it as "if you wish for a car, your father may die and you'd inherit his car." ("Be Careful What You Witch For") So you must be as specific as possible so it cannot be interpreted another way. After the granting of the three wishes, the genie is set to be free. In ancient times, a powerful sorcerer wanted to marry a demon named Jinny - but when she refused, he cursed her into a bottle as a genie. Over the centuries, she would pass from owner to owner, eventually finding her way to Bosk and later the Charmed Ones and Richard Montana.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Active Powers
    • Projection : The ability to grant the wishes of their master.
    • Smoke-Whirling : The ability to teleport through a swirling cloud of smoke.
    • Shrinking : the ability to change size.
    • Possession : The ability to possess another living being.
  • Inactive Powers
    • Immortality : The ability to live forever without aging and be immune to all kind of diseases.

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