General information
Effects Manipulation of earth, rocks and soil.
Trigger Anger / Frustration.
Alignment {{{Alignment}}}
Category Elemental Power.

Geokinesis is the elemental power to manipulate the earth itself, as well as natural minerals, rocks, sand and dirt. This power can be used in a wide range of effect and can be used to create destructive earthquakes and sandstorms. It can also be used to protect oneself by having the earth rise and form a shield or create a schism in the earth to swallow enemies.

Related PowersEdit

Earth TeleportationEdit

Earth Teleportation is the ability to teleport through the earth itself, where the earth rises and swallows the user, teleporting him to the desired location.

Sand ManipulationEdit

Sand Manipulation is the ability to summon and manipulate sand, allowing the user to create intense sandstorms that can scald the flesh of living beings. It can also be used to trap a victim in a twister of sand, preventing them from moving.

Sand TransformationEdit

Sand Transformation is the ability to turn the body in a living stream or storm of sand. This power can be used to evade physical harm, as well move through small openings and travel quickly through air.

Rock AnimationEdit

Rock Animation is the ability to animate rocks, shaping them into golems that can be controlled through the mind and possess no will of their own. The number of golems created and the period of time they can be animated is dependent on the power of the user.


Petrification is the ability to turn other beings to stone with a single touch of look. the victims will be living statues until shattered or the petrification is reversed.

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