Gorgons are a magical race of female monsters, closely related to lamia. Once mortal women, feared because of their petrifying gaze. Rare and extremely dangerous, gorgons are as old as ancient Greece.

The gorgons, too unpredictable and powerful, are not ruled by the source. They are ruled by three queens, the first gorgons, Medusa, Euryale and Stheno. Today though, there are only two queens since Medusa was killed by the hero Perseus.

The gorgons, though vicious, are not as bloodthirsty as the lamia. Gorgons however, are one of the most cunning of all demons. Gorgons also dislike the modern world's architecture, machinery, food and clothes. Most gorgons live in abandoned houses, ruins and caves suroundedby their petrifyed victems. Some gorgons, under the guise of human women, live in the modern world.

A gorgon's blood is valuable and very powerful. Blood from the right can heal any injury, cure any sickness and even bring the dead back to life. Blood from the left can instantly cause a painful death. If gorgon blood is mixed with sand, it will create venomous snakes. Gorgon blood can bring statues to life, turning sculptures into insane monsters.

A gorgon's head, even if it is cut off, can still turn someone to stone. When a gorgon's head is cut off, the snakes will also be dead and the gorgon's eyes will be closed, her face similar to a beautiful woman's face. By opening the eyes, the snakes will come back to life, the gorgon's face will reveal its true form and anyone who looks at the head will be turned to stone.

Gorgons blood can also be used in petrifying spells and potions.


Lamia, the queen of Lybia once had three older sisters, Medusa, Euryale and Stheno. They were triplets, each of them witches like Lamia, gifted with the power to enchant men with their voices. The sisters lived in a palace by the sea, near Athens. The sisters were powerful witches but were cruel,selfish and vain. Medusa, the youngest, was the most beautiful as well as the most vain and proud.

The people of Athens feared the sisters and were tired of them. One day, a witch whose husband had been used by the sisters, went to Athena, the goddess of wisdom's temple. Their she evoked the goddess. The goddess hearing of the sister's evil cast a powerful spell. Athena, banished the sisters and transformed them into hideous monsters with scaly skin, gold claws, serpent hair and faces so hideous, they could turn someone to stone.

Physical AppearenceEdit

Gorgons have the bodies of beautiful human women. However, their skin is green and covered in gold, bronze or green scales. Their eyes are gold and reptilian. In their mouths they hide their sharp teeth and fangs dripping with venom. They have forked toungus.Their fingers are long and they posses golden talons. A gorgon's most notable feature is her hair. Gorgons, instead of hair, have writhing nest of venomous snakes and serpents.

Normally a gorgon's face will resemble a beautiful womans face but when she wishes to petrify someone or becomes angry, her face will grow rough bronze or green scales, her eyes will become pupiless and glow blood red. Their mouths will grow larger and their tounges will become forked and black.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Petrifying Gaze: Gorgons can, with one gaze turn someone to stone. They can also incase a person in solid rock and can turn a person into a pile of ruble with one glance. Gorgons are immune to their own gaze.
  • Charm Speaking: Gorgons can persuade someone with their magical voices.
  • Siren Song: Gorgons can hypnotise someone with their hypnotic voices.
  • Serpent Manipulation: Gorgons can control their snake, controlling their movements and minds. They can also see through their snake's eyes.
  • Statue Manipulation: Gorgons can control the people they have petrified.
  • Venom: A gorgon's snake hair posseses powerful, toxic venom.
  • Durability: Gorgons can withstand vast amounts of magical and physical harm.
  • Strenght: Gorgons are twice as strong as a human.