Hallie Micheals
Hallie Riordon
Hallie, posing for a Photo-shoot.
Biographical Information
  • Hal
  • Lena
  • Hallie Nutron
Born 2007
Classification Upper Level
Physical Information
  • Witch
  • Firestarter
Gender Female
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Skin Color White
Familial Information
Sibling(s): Haylee Riordon
Powers and Abilities
Basic Powers
  • Spell Casting
  • Potion Making
  • Scrying
Active Powers
  • Telekinesis
  • Element:Fire
Other Powers
  • Power of Two
  • Advanced Combat
Occupation High School student
Home Apartment in San Francisco
  • Haylee Riordon
  • The Warren Line
"Ew, Demon blood...Christy, look! I found you a birthday present!"
—Hallie, taunting her sister.
 Helena Alexis Micheals, often just called Hallie, is a Witch-Firestarter hybrid and is the daughter of Billie Jenkins and Tyler Micheals. She is the youngest of her siblings, with an elder sister named Christina.  

While she is a shy and quiet person like her Father, she has her Mothers sense of clever sarcasm and can often talk most people down with only a couple good sentences. She is the shyest member of the Warren Coven and only really talks when she is around her many God-siblings.   


Child YearsEdit

Growing up, Hallie was always very protective and caring towards her family, especially her older sister, and she always gave her parents the utmost respect. She was very smart for her age and she was always the golden child at school, often bringing home rewards for being Student of The Month. 

Teen YearsEdit

For most of her teenage life, Hallie was known as the 'Super Smart Girl'. She was always the Golden Girl of her school, and she joined many of her school 'Smart Clubs', often winning many awards that ranged from Spelling Bees to Scientific Debates.

However despite how smart Hallie was, she made very few friends while in High School. All of this changed upon meeting Samuel Marks, a Cryokinetic Wizard...and the person boy that her best-friend Pansy. The two hit it off instantly, and soon Hallie fell in love with the grey-eyed boy. But despite her feelings for him, Hallie tried her hardest to get him and Pansy together, and when she thought she had succeeded, she broke off all ties that she had with him. . . .At least, that was until her Sophomore year, when Hallie went to the Homecoming dance with Sam, Pansy, and a couple of her other friends. While at the Dance, they were all forced to wear Mask's and would then be paired up with another dancer. Much to Hallie's surprise, she actually had a good time with the person that she was dancing with, and at the end of The Dance, she even went as far as to kiss him. The next day, it was revealed that the person she had danced with was actually Samuel.

Disraught, Hallie took to avoiding hime again, but Samuel, fed up with being ignored by her, took her by her arms oneday at school, and kissed her for all to see, later prolaiming that while her did like Pansy, they were only friends. 

Becoming The Ultimate PowerEdit

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Basic AbilitiesEdit

Wiccan Abilities - Hallie has the ability to cast magical spells, and make magical potions enabling her to do above anything except for personal gain. She also has the power of Divination.



The magical power move objects with you mind via the Eye(s) or Hand(s). Hallie's telekinetic abilities are far stronger than most of her predecessors, rivaling that of Christopher Halliwell; one of the most powerful telekinetics of her Generation. Infact, her powers are so strong that she is able to unleash small, concussive burst of telekinetic energy out of her hands and is so precise that she was once able to fire a small Kinetic Dart into the eyes of a Memory Demon to kill him.


Advanced CombatEdit

Ultimate Power AbilitiesEdit

Power of Two - The powerful connection that exist between between Hallie and her elder sister, allowing her to tap into her Full Potential. When in unity with her sister, Hallie has a stronger form of High Resistance and her Kinetic Powers are pushed to their fullest. Also when in unity, Hallie and Haylee can supercharge their spells & potions, to kill mulitples Demons or through a simple chant of "The Power of Two, Will See Us Through" four times.


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