638px-Hecate638px-Hecate human form
Biographical Information
Full Name



Queen of the Underworld

Physical Information
Species Demon
Gender Female
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color
  • Blue (human form)
  • Red (demonic form)
Skin Color White
Powers and Abilities
Basic Powers
Active Powers
Other Powers
  • The Underworld

Hecate was an ancient and powerful Upper-Level Demon. She once held the title of Queen of the Underworld as consort to the Source of All Evil, but was banished when she could not conceive an heir for him.


Queen of the Underworld

Centuries ago, Hecate became engaged and married to the current Source of All Evil to rule at his side as his Queen. In return, the Source demanded that she would grant him an heir. However, after several failed attempts, Hecate discovered she could not conceive the Source's child. For this reason, the Source banished her from the Underworld. Hecate was furious over losing her throne and swore to reclaim what she believed to be rightfully hers.

Every two-hundred years, Hecate would come to earth to conceive a child with a mortal, hoping she could grant the Source a child powerful enough to be his heir. She would do this by making deals with mortals, granting wealth and power in return for a first-born son to be her mate. However, none of the chilren she gave birth to could please the Source.

Encounter with the Charmed Ones

In 1998, Hecate came to earth to marry a mortal named Elliot Spencer, after making a deal with his mother years earlier. However, the Charmed Ones became aware of her plans when Piper was asked to cater the wedding. The Charmed Ones eventually managed to banish Hecate with a holy dagger named the Jeweled Poignard of the Order of the Stephanine Cross. Her forced mate was then released from her spell and proceeded to marry the woman he truly loved, while Hecate was once again banished to purgatory.

Rivalry with Phoebe

Years later, Hecate became outraged when she discovered that her throne had been usurped by Phoebe Halliwell, and even more so when she found out Phoebe had given birth to an heir to the Source, the one thing that she could never do. Hecate then swore to destroy the former Charmed One and reclaim her throne.

Hecate teamed up with a demonic faction that was not loyal to Cole and managed to abduct Phoebe's infant son, intending to raise him as her own. While Cole and his demons battled the demonic faction, Phoebe used her newfound demonic powers to track down Hecate and faced her in battle. After vanquishing her minions, Hecate threatened to kill Parker instead, though the baby protected himself by setting her on fire. Phoebe then fought Hecate and managed to stop her by banishing her to purgatory for all eternity.

Powers and Abilities

  • Basic Powers
    • Spell Casting: The ability to cast spells and perform rituals. Hecate was a very powerful and skilled spell caster, being able to conjure a storm with a simple spell.
  • Active Powers
    • Limited Shapeshifting: The ability to shift between a demonic and a human form.
    • Super Strength: The ability to possess strength beyond humanly possible. Hecate possessed the strength to throw a fully grown man for several feet with ease.
    • Fading: The ability to teleport in a fading manner. Hecate teleported by turning into a shadow and fading into or rising from the floor.
    • Touch of Death: The ability to instantly kill by a being with a single touch. When Hecate killed, the veins of her victims turned black before they dissolved into dust.
  • Other Powers
    • Immortality: The ability to possess an infinite lifespan and an arrested aging process.
    • High Resistance: The ability to be highly resistant to magical and physical harm. Hecate was powerful enough to ignore most injuries and barely felt pain.
    • Regeneration: The ability to heal from physical injuries within seconds.

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