Helena Halliwell
Helena is forced to kill her sister
Biographical Information
  • Lena
  • Elena
  • Helen
  • Elle
Born 2034
Classification Upper Level
Physical Information
Species Witch-Whitelighter Hybrid
Gender Female
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Skin Color White
Familial Information


Powers and Abilities
Basic Powers Wiccan Side:
  • Spell Casting
  • Potion Making
  • Scrying

Whitelighter Side:

  • Orbing
  • Healing
  • Sensing
Active Powers
  • Premonition
  • Astral Premonition
  • Enhanced Intuition
  • Chronokinesis
Other Powers
  • Power of Three
  • Student
  • Phoebe & Coop's Home
  • Halliwell Family
  • Mitchell Family
  • Descandents
  • Charmed Ones
"You erased my memory, how could you? To give me life, maybe I needed time to grieve, I would have gotten better."
—Helena yells at Jezebel.

Helena Halliwell is the daughter of Penelope Halliwell and Evan Scott, and the sibling of Samantha Halliwell and Jezebel Halliwell. Helena possesses the Warren Power of Premonition and the additional power of Astral Premonition.


Child Years

Helena lived a young childhood as the precious baby sister of Jezebel and Samantha, being treated presumably the fairest of the three. Helena remained dependent on the support of her sister Samantha till she was nearly an adult. Helena disliked her sister Samantha, thinking she treated her younger sisters meanly and that she was too serious. Helena had trouble Premonitionary powers and had to have help from her aunts Julie and Carrie who also had the power of Premonition.

Teen Years

As a teenager Helena tried to act similiar to Samantha but was unable to because of her shy personality. After Samantha seemed off to Jezebel, Jezebel tried attempted to make Helena believe Sam turned evil, but Helena refused to listen until Samantha finally snapped. Helena was forced to understand that Sam had changed into a cunning, evil person and they planned to kill her.

Adult Years

Jezebel and Helena tried to help Samantha from turning but were unable to since Samantha already went to Source and asked for powers beyound hers, evil abilities. When they finally realized they were unable to help Sam they planned to gather the rest of the ancestors and themselves to unite their powers against her. Samantha was nearly able to kill Jezebel and Penelope (their mother) but was stopped when Helena forced herself to stab Sam, this and the weakening of the united powers of the ancestors was enough to kill Samantha. Helena became deeply depressed after this and didn't eat, drink, sleep or go outside, Jezebel was forced to erase the memories of Helena in order for her to live properly. Helena at first believed from what Jezebel made her believe (through mind control) that Sam had moved to Arizona for some reason, Helena didn't think this was very "Sam" of her but believed the story and let Sam be. She later figured out that Jezebel lied to her when Evan and Penelope were seen talking about Sam. Helena yelled at Jezebel for doing this and became hurt and unable to deal with the pain of losing Sam.

Innocent Saving

Helena is the most common of the siblings to protect the innocents as Jezebel and Samantha usually kill the Demons or Warlocks. Helena has difficulty being aggressive and Sam believes that Helena is, "The only passive Whitelighter hybrid."

Later Life

Helena doesn't live a very long life after killing Sam because of being severly depressed and sad, leading to herself comitting suicide.


Helena was left feeling angry at Jezebel for erasing her memory and changing it, knowledge about Sam's death, and feeling betrayal from her parents. Helena went through depression once again and because Jezebel erased her memory to boot, Helena jumped off a bridge, similiar to what her great ancestor Prue Halliwell nearly planned to due twice, once being her intention based on true depression and the second time based on a Demon manipulating her. Helena was unable to be revived by paramedics since it was too late.

Powers & Abilities

Basic Abilities

Wiccan Abilities - Spell Casting, Potion Making, Scrying and the ability to see ghosts.

Whitelighter Abilities - Orbing, Healing, Sensing others, and the ability to hover above the air without the use of tools.


The ability to see the past and future. Helena uses this ability rarely because of her difficulty using it, Helena has to try a great deal to recieve a premonition, though this her power is only sometimes needed.

Astral Premonition

Helena, as a gift from the Elders was given the power of Astral Premonition after killing Samantha, though she was only once seen using the power.

Power of Three

Helena has the ability to be resistant to demonic offensive attacks and channel her power between her sisters and destroy a demon with clear ease.

Other Powers

The Visioness Helena was thought to be the legendary long awaited Witch with the ability to see into the future and past as far back as she wishes and control her power on command, this was thought because in the prophecy it says the Witch will have clear trouble and difficulty with the power at first, and seem impossible to advance, though it was discovered that she was mistaken for the prophecy, and it is but only ironic, since it was later found that a young Witch in Australia had a powerful 'outbreak' of power like the prophecy states and her new abilities prove she is the Visioness.


  • Helena was mistaken for being "The Visioness"

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