Biographical Information
Full Name Humans
Status Extant
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Species Humans
  • Neutral

Humans are the dominant species of Earth. The vast majority of humans are unaware of the existence of magic and do not possess the ability to use magic. These humans are referred to as mortals.

Some humans are born with the natural ability to use magic. There are many different species that have evolved from mortals to species such as Witches, Wizards or Sorcerers. Magical beings possess a triple helix in their DNA, while humans only have two, which grants them the ability to use magic.



Mortals is the term used used by magical beings to describe the characterization for the lack of magical or supernatural abilities or heritage. Most humans are mortal and have no knowledge of the existence of magic, unless one comes in contact with magic through a magical being or when targeted by evil beings. Mortals themselves are considered neutral beings.

Mortals possess to natural gift for magic, but can aquire magic through various means. However, most mortals cannot handle magic they are not supposed to possess. Possessing these powers will often kill them or drive them insane.

Magical HumansEdit

Magical Humans are humans born with the ability to use magic. They possess a triple helix, which sets them apart from mortals. Various subspecies of humans have come into existence through magic. Magical humans are aware of the existence of magic and are often forced to choose between good and evil, though some remain neutral. Examples of magical humans are Witches, Wizards and Sorcerers.

Former MortalsEdit

Former Mortals are the spirits of a deceased persons who has done either tremulously amount of good or evil deeds, which can get the offer to be reborn either into a Angelic or Demonic being so they will be able to continue to do good or evil or go to the after life or what your destiny has stored for you.

Future WhitelightersEdit

Future Whitelighters are mortals who are destined to become Whitelighters if they fulfill their purpose in life by doing good and helping people. They are then rewarded by becoming Whitelighters upon death if they accept their destiny. If they refuse, they are able to move on to the afterlife.


Psychics are mortals who possess a supernatural awareness, allowing them to perceive the magical world and communicate with spirits, or receive visions of the future and past. These psychics are sometimes known as Prophets, who are destined to warn people of upcoming danger.


The term mortal refers to the lack of magical knowledge and ability to use magic. The term is confusing as some might believe this makes all magical beings immortal, though this is not the case.

Mortality itself is the fact that living beings have a certain amount of time to live before they die. Immortality refers to the ability to life forever without natural death and to be immune to the effects of aging. Various magical beings are immortal, though certain magical beings such as Witches live and age like any human.

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