High Resistance
General information
Effects Immunity to certain or all kinds of powers, spells, and potions
Trigger Automatic
Alignment Neutral
Category Passive Power

Immunity is the magical ability to immune to certain or all kinds magical powers, spells and potions. This includes powers possessed by users themselves. This ability is often possessed by powerful magical beings. Several types of demons possess a limited form of this power, granting them immunity to the powers of Witches only.

When immunity is a power shared by a collective, it can be severely weakened if one or several members of the collective are killed or vanquished. It can also be weakened if the collective is seperated or if they are not a united front.

Types of ImmunityEdit

Possession ImmunityEdit

Possession Immunity is a limited form of immunity as it is specifically focused on being resisted against possessing and controlling living beings actions by entering their body. when the user is possessed the physical body would slightly project a glow and the invading spirit / being would instantley and forcibly driven out of a host.

Dhampir ImmunityEdit

Dhampir immunity is a limited form of immunity as it is specifically focused on being resisted against sunlight, garlic, and holy symbols, especially crucifixes, and holy water, commonly possessed by Dhampirs due to their half-human inheritance.

Related PowersEdit


Adjusting is a limited form of immunity as it is specifically focused on being resisted against molecular based powers. commonly possess within higher-level and powerful demons, and now and then to warlocks.

Depending on the strength and how powerful the demon is, the immobilized effect or the "freeze" might not be affected or just may slow them momentarily, or even hold them contained for a short time before their bodies starts to adapt enough to allow them to break free, although is rare times some demonic beings are affected to be immobilized even longer.

Compulsion ResistanceEdit

Compulsion Resistance is the ability to be able to be resistant to mind control or manipulation for example to manipulate peoples memories making them have memories that are not real or making somebody forget all or some of their past or conversely to remember it or to enter and manipulate one's dreams or to bend someone to your will through several mediums, often through temptation.

Compulsion ShieldingEdit

Compulsion Shielding is a extremely powerful ability to create mental shields that protects those from within from attacks from beings like Empaths and Telepaths and abilities like time & mind manipulation form of powers and even from beings that possess molecule based abilities and attempts of possession.

High ResistanceEdit

High Resistance is the common ability among powerful magical beings as a collective or a single users to survive attacks by weapons and various powers, (including your own) and magic from other magical beings and demons, Although the users can still be vanquished or even killed if hurt enough depending mostly on how powerful the witch or demon to be truly effective.

Although the users are not immune to vanquishing potions made from their own flesh, being stabbed with athames, or vanquished by extraordinary powerful magic.


Immortality is the ability to have long lifespan and an arrested aging process and to be immune from dying a natural death through all kinds of human and supernatural diseases and viruses.

Although the user is still capable to experiences pain and injuries, mortal wounds result in the user becoming unconscious until injuries are tended upon, but their body will never rot, age or grow old. The possessor will stay young forever. However, they can be killed by unnatural causes such as powerful magic, weapons or powers.

Universal differencesEdit

There are some immortal beings that could be considered to be true immortals. for example the Angels of Destiny and the Angel of Death are true immortals as they play a vital part in the Grand Design.