Jamie Halliwell

Biographical Information
Full name

Jamie Peter Halliwell

Nickname None
Born 14th of September 2026
Physical Information
Species Whitelighter-Witch
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Skin Color White
Familial Information
  • Paige Halliwell
  •  Henry Mitchell
  • Jason Halliwell
  • Jake Halliwell
  • ​Lillian Halliwell    
  • Julian Halliwell
  • Terry Halliwell
  • Ashely Halliwell
  • Marina Halliwell
  • Dawn Halliwell

Wife:                            Jess Halliwell

Kid(s):                          Victor Halliwell

Powers and Abilities

Basic Powers
  • Spell Casting
  • Potion Making
  • Scrying
Active Powers
  • Resturant Owner
  • His house with his wife and son
  • The Charmed Ones
  • Family

Jamie Halliwell is the oldest son of Paige and Henry, he is known to be stubborn, arrogant and rude. When Jason was born he had wanted nothing to do with him.


Child LifeEdit

Jamie was born to Paige Halliwell and Henry Mitchell, and is the older broth to Jake and Jason Halliwell. As a child Jamie was stubborn and wouldn’t do as his mother said, he would also use his powers to get his own way. When Jason was born Jamie didn’t want anything to do with him, saying that he wasn’t truly a witch/Whitelighter much to his family’s disgust.

Teen LifeEdit

As a teenager Jamie developed his power to conjure the elements, he once used this power to trap Jason in a ball of ice. Paige and Piper thought it would be a good idea to bind Jamie’s powers, because he could seriously hurt Jason. When Phoebe heard of this she hated the idea, she said it was a bad idea to do it. After a massive argument the sisters agreed not to bind his powers. Jamie still has a hated against Jason.

Adult LifeEdit

At the age of 20 Jamie met a girl named Jess at a bar one night, the hitted it off and started talking about life and their family. After a few drinks Jamie and Jesswent back to Jamie's place, one inside Jess saw some dead flowers she ran straight over to them a used Nature Inhancement to bring them back to life. When Jamie saw this he just thought the Jess was a witch and had that power so Jamie revealed his powers, Jess sat Jamie down and told him that she was a Nymph. Taken back by this Jamie tried to get Jess to leave but couldn't say it, after a few more drinks Jamie and Jess concieved a child. The next morning when Jamie woke up he found that Jess was gone, 10 months later their was a knock on the door and standing their was Jess and a baby in her arms. Jamie brang Jess inside and she told him that the reason she left was because they were never ment to be together, Jamie didn't care and 1 year later Jamie and Jess got married. Jess stripped her powers so that she was mortal and asked is she wanted to strip their son's powers but he didn't want to. After having a son like Jason he went to Jason's apartment to ask for forgiveness which Jason accepted.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Basic PowersEdit

  • Spell Casting, the ability to write and cast spells and perfom rituals.
  • Potion Making, the ability to brew potions.
  • Scrying, the ability to magically locate beings through a scrying crystal.

Active PowersEdit

  • Orbing, the ability to teleport through the use of orbs
  • Telekinetic Orbing, is a combination of Orbing and Telekinesis, which allows users to move objects by teleporting them through use of orbs.
  • Healing, is the ability to heal injuries and wounds it also repair their charges' torn clothes. This ability has also been shown to heal objects as well, which a warm golden light shines from their hands of whitelighters.
  • Glamouring, is the ability to change ones appearence to look like another human being.
  • Photokinesis, also called Light Manipulation, is the ability to create and manipulate light. It can also be used to create and manipulate orbs.
  • Atmokinesis, also known as Weather Manipulation, is one of the most extremely powerful abilities in existence, where one can control and manipulate and sense and influence the various forms and aspects of the weather itself.
  • Conjuration of the Elements, is the magical ability to generate and manipulate the natural elements of water, earth, fire, air, electricity and ice.