Jezebel Halliwell
Jezebel argues with her father
Biographical Information
Nicknames Bell, Jez, Z
Born 2036
Classification Upper Level
Physical Information
  • Witch
  • Whitelighter
Gender Female
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Brown
Skin Color White
Familial Information


Powers and Abilities
Basic Powers

Wiccan Side:

  • Spell Casting
  • Potion Making
  • Scrying

Whitelighter Side:

  • Orbing
  • Healing
  • Sensing
Active Powers
  • Telekinesis
  • Levitation
  • Telepathy
  • Mind Control
Other Powers
  • Power of Three
  • Advanced Combat
  • Full Whitelighter
  • Apartment in San Francsico
  • Halliwell Family
  • Mitchell Family
  • Charmed Ones
  • Descandents
"Are you trying to stop me. I would like to see you try."
—Jezebel daring a Demon to kill her.

Jezebel Anna Halliwell is a Witch-Whitelighter hybrid and is the daughter of Penelope Halliwell and Evan Scott. Jezebel has two others siblings named Helena and Samantha. Jezebel has the Warren power of Telekinesis and is talented in Combat and advanced reflexes.


Child Years

Jezebel as a child was very protective and caring towards her family, often treating them with much respect and was very smart even for her young age. She was loved little by either of her sisters but much by her mother Penelope, her father seemed to show respect, but little love for Jez.

Teen Years

Jezebel fled a life of pure glory as the most talented of her siblings and displayed amazing strategic skills. She seemed to realize Samantha's personality change and planned to notify her sister Helena, but she refused to listen, often favouring her sister Sam over Jez. Until Helena was finally yelled at by her sister Jezebel for annoying her by being too dependent on her older sister. Helena realized Sam was no longer her former self along with her Jezebel. They knew they had to stop Sam from hurting anyone else.

Adult Years

As an adult Jezebel became a stronger and more intelligent person as she studied how to stop Samantha from going to the Source for powers. When Jezebel and Helena finally confronted Sam, she was already rid of her Wiccan and Whitelighter powers and replaced them with Demonic powers which she used to kill innocents and hurt Jezebel and Helena. Until Jezebel and Helena got their parents and ancestors involved to stop Sam when they were successful Jezebel didn't seem that hurt by Sam's death possibly referencing to her dislike of her sister over the years.

Later Years

Jezebel tried to help her sister, Helena from becoming too sad over her sister's death but Helena refused to 'live' further, Jezebel was forced to help Helena by erasing her memory from the incident, thought Helena regained it back and committed suicide.


Jezebel was killed as she turned 47 by an enraged Brute demon who crushes her skull.

Powers & Abilities

Basic Abilities

Wiccan Abilities - Jezebel has the ability to cast magical spells, and make magical potions enabling her to do above anything except for personal gain. Jezebel also has the ability to scry for others and see ghosts.

Whitelighter Abilities - Jezebel has the ability to orb from place to place, heal others with her hands, sense another's presence, and hover in the air without the use of tools.


Jezebel has the ability to move things with her mind via her hands and eyes. Jezebel usually chooses to use her hands to use this power and is quite crafted in the gift.


Jezebel has the ability to be magically propelled in mid air without the use of tools or machinery. Jezebel uuses this power to fight demons through her combat skills and to avoid attacks.


Jezebel has the ability to hear and read other's thoughts through mental vision. Enabling her to spy on another's hidden thoughts within them, Jezebel uses this to save innocents and fight Demons easier.

Advanced Combat

Jezebel has been trained successfully in the art of fighting more advanced then others, this works to her advantage since she has the power of Levitation.

Power of Three Abilities

Jezebel had the ability to be highly resistant to demonic offensive attacks and kill a Demon with her sisters with clear ease.


  • Jezebel was once turned into her vampire and drank from a human, though she didn't die when Sam blasted the Queen. Evan hints later that this might be because Jezebel has a far stronger mind because of Telepathy, making the blood she drank nearly nothing to exactly alter Jezebel's vampire body from being

    Jezebel gets shot

    changed in anyway.
  • Jezebel was once shot by a bullet, and never assisted by others, this would be impossible for her to live since. Though Jezebel never died. This could also be hinting towards her strong mind, possibly meaning her unconcious moved the bullet out of her before she could die.

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