Lamia are deadly demons from greek mythology. Bloodthirsty and ruthless, lamia devour children and suck the souls of men. Masters of deceit, lamia are gifted with the power of illusion and use this to capture their prey. Under the illusion of a beautiful woman, lamia have lured countless mortals to their demise.

Lamia used to roam the forests of Greece and Rome. They would often travel to the sea to look for shipwrecked sailors. In modern times, lamia have begun to travel to other countries and cities though they still continue their bloodthirsty ways.

Origion Edit

It is said that the first lamia was a beautiful Greek queen and a powerful witch. With her honey blonde curls and midnight black eyes, Lamia was more beautiful than the goddess Hera. Zeus, king of the gods fell in love with lamia and married her. Lamia gave birth to many strong, handsome sons. The years passed and the young boys grew up and became strong warriors. Hera was outraged and filled with jealousy. One day, Lamia was outside in the garden with all her sons. Hera emerged from the forest and killed Lamia's children. Lamia went mad with grief. She cast a dark spell that turned her heart to stone. The spell stopped her pain but accidentally filled Lamia with rage. Her fury transformed her into a hideous snake-like beast. Unknown to Hera, Lamia was pregnant. In her knew form, Lamia gave birth to six daughters, each one a hideous snake maiden just like their mother. Zeus took pity on Lamia and his daughters. He gifted them with the power to cast illusions and shapeshift, allowing Lamia to regain her beautiful form. Lamia however, was no longer human. She and her daughters, in revenge, prayed on mortal men, seducing them then sucking their souls. Hera could not undo the chaos she had created. The lamia were bloodthirsty and enjoyed dinning upon human flesh. However, a brave and powerful witch managed to cast a powerful spell. Using Medusa's bones, she turned three lamia into stone. Unfortunatly, she was scratched by a lamia. The next night, the witch's heart turned to stone and she became a lamia.

Physical AppearenceEdit

Lamia have the upper bodies of humanoid women and the lower half of a long snake. A lamia's skin and tail is covered in reptililian dragon-like scales. Lamia have reptilian eyes that glow with a fiery yellow light. Their claws are sharp and bear-like. Their mouths are lipless and filled with large, sharp teeth and venemous fangs.

Lamia can change their appearence, taking the form of serpents with the upper bodies of beautiful greek women. Their appearence varries greatly.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Active PowersEdit

  • Shapeshifting: Lamia can change from a hideous serpent to serpent, woman hybrid to a beautiful mortal maiden. They can also change their hair, eye and skin colour.
  • Illusion: Lamia have the power to create mirages and illusions.
  • Venomous Claws: A lamia can kill a man with one scratch of her claws.
  • Infection: A lamia has the power to transform another woman into a lamia.
  • Charm speaking: Lamia have magical voices and can use them to persuade a person to do what she wants.
  • Enchanting: Lamia can mesmerise a man with her beauty.
  • Soul Absorbtion: With one kiss, a lamia can absorb the lifeforce of another creature.
  • Energy Blast: A power inherited from the first lamia before her curse. Lamia have the power to project blasts and orbs of black energy.

In Snake FormEdit

  • Petrifying Gaze: Lamia's gaze can fill a person with fear, petrifying them for a short period of time.
  • Enhanced Strenght: Lamia are ten times as strong as any human.
  • Speed: Lamia can move faster than a cheetah.
  • Venomous Touch: A lamia can kill with one touch.

Other PowersEdit

  • Spell Casting: Lamia can cast powerful spells.
  • Potion Making: Lamia can create powerful potions.
  • Scrying: As former witches, lamia have the power of scrying.
  • Immortality: Lamia can live forever without aging.


A lamia cannot access some of her powers when she is in a certain form. When in her true form, she cannot cast illusions, glamours, spells or use charm speak.

A lamia will revert back to her true form at night or when powdered peacock feathers( the symbol of Hera) are thrown at her.


Lamia are obnoxious, selfish, mean, cruel, vain, proud and merciless. They care for no one else except each other. Lamia are bloodthirsty and relentless.

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