Magic i
World Changeover spell

The magic of the Charmed Ones and the Avatars combined

s a very potent natural force in the world, allowing users to affect and change reality through supernatural means. Magic can be devided in good and evil, though this is often dependent on the user.

Like any magical ability, magic is most often neutral.

Magic is a natural very powerful force, as such it's morally neutral. The usage magic can be used through spells, and potions and artifacts which turns the user's desires into reality, although some magical beings possess limited form to perform magic.

Some magical beings can use magic institutionally and require little or no training. But some it requires a lot of study to be able to use their powers safely with a clear mind as untrained magical beings can initially unlock their powers when their emotions are heightened, and such strong emotions can also cause the user to lose control of their magic, potentially causing massive damage.

Particularly for those without innate magic, generally requires incantations, some more experience or powerful beings can use magic without incantations, but with simple will power and occasionally hand gestures. can perform many feats without speaking, there are some sometimes physical signs when a magical ability is used, for example the eyes or hands of an wizard, witch will glow briefly as the magic is channeled.

Personal GainEdit

Personal Gain is the term for the difference between good and evil magical beings are that good magical being aren't allowed to use their powers for personal gain. If they do, they risk their spells backfiring and causes unintended consequences, while evil magical beings use their powers for personal gain and to serve their own dark goals or The Greater Evil if they desire.


Spell CastingEdit

Spell Casting

Spell Casting can require objects like crystals or potions, herbs, runes, rituals or nothing at all. The complexity of spell preparation relies entirely on the difficulty of the spell and the power of the magical being also more powerful spells are generally requires to be more powerful being, but this is not always shown to be true.

Potion MakingEdit

Potion Making

Potion Making requires of having the knowledge of required ingredients in a pot, mortar or crucible and follow proper brewing instructions and ability to infused with magic

however, mortals can add the ingredients and mix them, but they will not be able to infuse with magic, if a magical being should loses their powers, any potions they has made beforehand will no longer work.



Scrying requires having magical inheritance to be able to find a lost object or person, the user are required to hold the crystal pendant over a map of the area where it is thought the lost person or object will be.

The more violent and ferocious activity of the swing of the pendant, the closer you are to the object on the map coordinates, like a "warm or cold" method of looking for something, the more ferocious activity of the swings the closer one is.

The pendant will eventually pinpoint the exact location of the object or person by pulling down on to a spot on the map after a certain amount of time. to scry for pinpoint the exact location of something, sometimes requires an item of that person or demon is needed, like clothes or blood or assumed that the object can also be related to the thing you are scrying for.

Modern Day ScryingEdit

This form of Scrying is used more by modern witches then crystal and map, the modern form of scrying was first used by Billie Jenkins. The user would use his/her computer and hook up a large crystal, opening a map on the computer the user would then move the crystal around on their desk while the map would be scanned for demonic activity. 

Active PowersEdit

Different Types of MagicEdit

As with many lifeforms gifted with magical abilities, there are different kinds of magic appeared to fit those different practitioners.




Sorcery is the art of magic which is more or less combination of magic and physics, the science of matter and energy and their interactions. Which is practiced and used by Sorcerers,

they are known to be able to create the incorporeal life essences also known as souls, and they teleport through fading, The great majority of The Magical Community doesn't believe that Sorcerers can be good as they are considered to be naturally evil.



Wizardry is the art of magic which are practiced and used by Wizards, they are especially known to be spell and charm creators, wizards are skilled at creating illusions and teleport through spiralization.

Magical ArtifactsEdit

Charmed206 252

There are several artifacts that are used by several different magical beings from witches to wizards, sorcerers and etc.  Wands and Staffs are commonly used by wizards and magical rings are mostly commonly used by sorcerers. Although there are several other magical beings who also uses like witches to perform spells and their deeds also possess additional abilities.

Magical InstitutionsEdit

Magical Institutions are dedicated to provide outreach and support and education of magical beings, as normal schools with the students who attends many classes from basic teaching subjects to magical subjects, although these magical institutions are extreme highly protected from intruders and The Forces of Evil.

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