Magical Community
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  • The Magical Community
Description Loose grouping of magical practioneers
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The Magical Community is a loose grouping of magically-inclined organizations and magical practioneers united by their fascination of magic and its mysteries. The Magical Community is split into good and evil though the good magical community is far much more united and politcally strong than its evil counterpart.



The origins of the magical community begun at the first days of humanity when a woman later known as Neena came upon the Nexus of The All, a spiritual energy that runs through everything. Taping upon it's power along with her mate, they became one with The All and created a realm beyond the physical universe: The Higher Realm.

However their bond with the All contained it within the Higher Realm and the Earth slowly begun to die out. They were forced to return and Neena gave birth to two twins who where concieved while they were in the Higher Realm: the begining of both the witch and warlock lineages. The children that came later possessed no power to speak of but they could tap into magic as witch practioneers.

Ancient GreeceEdit

Aproximately a thousand years B.C. a race of God-like beings called the Titans ruled the world ruthlessly and were so powerful that none dared defy them. Until, at long last, the Elders used an ancient vapor to turn various mortals into Gods. However the Titans could not be vanquished and so the Gods choose to use their magic to emtomb them in ice where they remained for three thousand years.

Hidding of MagicEdit

By the 1400s mortals had became hostile to magic and magical beings and begun horrific witch trials. Of all witch trials none was more terrible than that at Salem where hundreds of innocent people were burned at the stake. During this time, the magical witch Melinda Warren was striped of her powers by a warlock named Matthew Tate and burned at the stake. However, she forsaw that the Warren family of witches would continue to grow until the arrival of the three most powerful good witches of the world: The Charmed Ones.

The persecution affected good and evil in equal measure and, to save themselves, both chose to hide and created the Tribunal whom eventually created the Cleaners.

Shifting of Power from Evil to GoodEdit

In 2002, the reconstituted Charmed Ones posed a considerable threath to the Source of All Evil. In his desesperation he decided to call upon the powers of the Hollow. Absorbing the Halliwell sisters powers, the Source nearly managed to destroy them but he was ultimately vanquished. Through trickery, the Source managed to escape into the body of Cole Turner and then The Seer but the Charmed Ones vanquish him. The shifting of power was complete when the Charmed Ones managed to vanquish the Triad, thus rendering the Underworld leaderless.


Though there are many influential groups and organizations in the magical community, there's no unified authority. Instead there are two major powers: Good and Evil. However, even within those two there are separatists groups, especially in Evil. One of the most influential groups is The Tribunal, a union of good and evil to protect magic and those who wield it, no matter the cost. But the Tribunal is not without a challenge. For example, the Avatars doesn't bow to the Tribunal's commands and neither do the Angels of Destiny and Death.


The magical community is at war with itself with two major factions leading the war: Good and Evil. However, there are some neutral beings, too.


The magical community is constantly hidden from the mortal realm. This is something that all supernatural forces - both good and evil- had agreed upon. To ensure that magic is kept hidden, good and evil created the Cleaners, who would use their powers to erase memories, alter history etc., anything necessary to protect magic except for tipping the balance of good and evil.

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