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General information
Full name Mermaids
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Classification Various
Species Immortal Human Fish Hyrbids
Diversity Mermaids
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Family Other Mermaids
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Status Extant
Alignment Good, Neutral

The Mermaids, also known as The Merfolk, are a rare race of immortal sea creatures. Due to the fact that they are able to live enternities at Sea, there are very few races who know what mermaids are truly like. 

Mermaids can spend their entire lives exploring the wonders of the Seas and love being free in the ocean. When a Mermaid gets lonely, her heart will warm up and then she will become curious about the world ashore, when a mermaid is heartbroken her heart will  turn cold again if she lets it, as she is feeling betrayed and disappointed so she will naturally feel drawn back to the sea as their powers are not really gone, they were only temporarily inactive.

Mermaids are guardians of the sea. Mermaids protect their realm from humans and evil creatures such as sea monsters or other aquatic demons. Mermaids are very mysterious. In ancient times, mermaids, in order to protect their homes, used their haunting voices to enchant humans and make them sink their ships. Many mermaids have been known to rescue drowning creatures. It is during these rescues that some mermaids may fall in love with human men.

Mermaids are born with the ability to control the forces of their enviornment. Their powers pass from mother to daughter. Mermaids are naturally able to use magic powers.

Mermaid blood is a transparent silvery blue with a blue, green palour. It is very valuable as it is filled with magic. One drop of mermaid blood can lengthen someone's life, enhance a being's strength and senses and can save them from death.

Additionally, mermaids are able to sense and communicate with mammals and other underwater beings, which are usually unseen by mortals. When a mermaid is just a child, her magic is very strong but her magic continues to grow more powerful, the older she gets. Mermaids might have families and jobs in the surface world, most commonly occupations are for example marine biologists, some mermaids usually wear wetsuits with short pant legs or swimsuit depending occupations. Some ridiculous myths and legends are based from hallucinated sailors.

Physical appearenceEdit

A mermaid is an aquatic creature with the face and upper body of a lovely woman and the tail of a large fish. Mermaids possess an aura or quality which makes them more beautiful than any human. Their skin is luminescent, their eyes shimmer like the sea and their long, silky hair flows down their backs like ocean waves. A mermaid's eyes are always a shade of ocean blue, green or a mixture of both. Mermaids can resemble women from all coastal continents. They have similar colored hair to humans but their long locks possess a more vivid, vibrant hue and is usually red and blonde but can be black or brown.

A mermaid's powerful tail is long and similar in structure to the tails of dolphins and dugongs, only slimmer and more elegant. Their tails end in long, flowing flukes and they are covered in shimmering, glittering fish-like scales.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Active PowersEdit

  • Hydrokinesis: Mermaids have the power to manipulate water and other liquids. They can mold it, harden it, increase it and control its movements without touching it. With this power a mermaid can cause tsunamis, storms, waves and whirlpools.
  • Atmokinesis: The power to control and summon storms. This ability allows mermaids to control certain aspects of weather such as ice, snow, hail, rain, thunder and lightning.
  • Enchantment: A mermaid's enchantment makes her appear more beautiful. She can use her beauty to make men do whatever she wants.
  • Magical voices: A mermaid's beautiful voice possesses magical powers. The sound of a mermaid's voice can drown out a storm.
    • Luring: Their singing and beauty has the power to draw people towards the mermaid. This spell will only work on men. A man who hears this song will do anything to be with the singer. This song has been responsible for the wrecking of many ships in ancient times.
    • Sonic Scream: The ability to create a powerful shriek strong enough to break glass and knock people unconscious. A mermaid's shriek is also capable of summoning tidal waves, sinking small vessels and destroying electric objects.
  • Animal Empathy: The power to understand and communicate with animals. This power enables mermaids to detect dolphin and whale echolocation, tell how old or what gender a fish is and tell if an animal is dangerous or not. Fish are often attracted to mermaids and will sometimes gather around them.
  • Limited shape-shifting: The power that allows mermaids to become human and live on land for a period of time. Mermaids can only gain this power if they strike a bargain with a sea hag.
  • Sensing - The ability to locate and find people, objects or portals.
  • Night Vision: Mermaids have the ability to see into pitch darkness as if it was the middle of the day. This helps Mermaids avoid hurting themselves.

Powers in WaterEdit

  • Super Strength: Mermaids posses enhanced strength and stamina.
  • High Resistance: Mermaids can withstand freezing cold temperatures and water preassure, they can also withstand physical and magical harm that would usually kill someone.
  • Speed Swimming: Mermaids are extremely fast swimmers and can out swim any predator. They can swim faster than a sailfish and can leap high out of the water. By enveloping their bodies in bubbles, they can swim faster than a whitelighter orbing.
  • Unlimited Water Breathing: Mermaids can easily breathe and talk in any body of water or liquid. They can also, for a short period of time, give landdwellers the power to breathe underwater. A mermaid's kiss can protect a person from drowning.
  • Ocean Sensing: Mermaids can sense the presence of danger or magic in the water and can sense slight changes in the water from a mile away such as oil or blood being spilled. A mermaid's senses increase when she is submerged in any body of water.
  • Hydrokinetic Teleportation: Merfolk can travel to other places, worlds, realms and planes by swimming through the ocean's depths.

Other PowersEdit

  • Immortality - The ability to live forever and not age. It also allows them to be immune to all human and supernatural diseases and viruses. Mermaids are true immortals and cannot be killed unless they choose to give it up for love, mortality and a soul. As immortals, mermaids have enhanced strenght, stamina and endurance. 
  • Regeneration: Mermaids heal much faster than humans, especially in water.


As creatures of the sea, mermaids are dependent on water for survival. The longer a mermaid is away from the sea or any other source of water, the weaker she will become. Staying on land to long will cause a mermaid's feet to hurt. This is described as walking on broken glass. If she still does not return to the water, her whole body will feel like lead.

Mermaids also fear fire as it can cause them to dry out rapidly. Mermaids avoid fire since it will dry them up, making them weaker. Gradually, a mermaid will become so weak, she will have to return to the water to replenish herself.

Mermaids and MortalsEdit

Mermaids are curious creatures who love to explore. Most mermaids are not interested in humans and prefer to spend their days in the depths of the sea. However, a few mermaids enjoy toying in human affairs. These mermaids like to roam on rocks and reefs and use their hypnotic melodies and beauty to lure ships onto the rocks.

However, some mermaids, after years of living in the sea, grow lonely and become curious about life on land. The hearts of these mermaids grow warm and they yearn for love and human company. If a mermaid falls in love with a human, she will try to be with him. In order to gain true love, mermaids strike bargains with the Sea Hag. The hag will give the mermaid a certain amount of time. During that time, a mermaid must find true love.

If a mermaid does not get a man to tell her that he loves her the sea hag will capture the mermaid and imprison the mermaid forever. Mermaids are usually heartbroken so instead of grieving forever, they give the sea hag what she wants, their immortality. After the sea hag uses a magic shell to suck the power and immortality from the mermaid, the mermaid dies and dissolves into water and sea foam.


Although according to record there has never been a mermaid- hybrid, mermaids can have offspring with humans. However, this child will be born a full mermaid. If a child is born in the sea, she will be a mermaid. If the child is born on land, she will not get her powers or her tail until she becomes a teenager. A land-born mermaid can grow legs on land and fins in the water without true love but a mermaid's daughter who is born in the sea, requires true love to gain human form.

It is possible that when a mermaid marries another supernatural creature like a witch or cupid, the child they have will be a hybrid. The hybrid child will inherit its mermaid mother's immortality, be an excellent swimmer and be much more beautiful than the average human. It will also inherit its father's powers.


  • Unlike human babies, when a mermaid is born, she can see, sing and swim as fast as a dolphin.
  • Mermaids age rapidly at first. After one month, they look like two year old girls and can speak and use their powers.
  • Once they become children, they age like normal humans. When a mermaid becomes a teenager, she begins to age slowly. After they mature, they stop aging.
  • Mermaids have no blood types.