Mimicry Shielding
General information
Effects Copy another persons power, abilities and magic.
Trigger Various.
Alignment {{{Alignment}}}
Category Defensive Power.

Mimicry is the ability to permanently mimic, or copy, the magical powers and abilities of other beings. In its basic form, this power allows users to copy powers used against them. However, there are various differents forms of this power.

Forms of MimicryEdit

Physical MimicryEdit

Physical Mimicry is the ability to permanently copy another person's physical appearance, the victim is engulfed in intense by powerful gust of smoke to duplicate the physical form, although only the physical body is duplicated while the original owner's abilities are not, and the ability will be inactive until the user is killed or vanquished.

Personality MimicryEdit

Personality Mimicry is a special ability of telepathic/emapthic manipulation to copy any personalities and use it as your own. by establishing and maintaining the physical and mental contact with the victim to ensure the personality and traits get's copied, altrough not the memories.

Mimicry ShieldingEdit

Mimicry Shielding is the ability to create a protective dome shaped shield that absorbs powers, allowing users to use that power as their own while the shield is active, without the worry for those who were perhaps ex half demons who may or may not have a void was left within the being so no evil entity can fill it again making the user demonic again.

Orb MimicryEdit

Orb Mimicry is the ability to copy any power and ability and manifests itself into a hybrid version and use it as your own, extremely rare and exclusively possessed by Wizard-Witches and Whitelighter-Witches.

Orb ErasureEdit

Orb Erasure is the additive ability to erase all or some of duplicated powers and abilities.

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