Mind Manipulation
General information
Effects Manipulate the minds of others.
Trigger Various.
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Category Supportive Power

Mind Manipulation is the power to manipulate the minds of other beings. This power can be used to control the will and thoughts of others, alter and erase memories and plant ideas or commands into their minds. There are various powers that involve a form of mind manipulation.

Mind Manipulation can be an independent power or a sub-power of other psychic powers such as Telepathy.

Forms of Mind ManipulationEdit


Compulsion is an extremely powerful ability to perform absolute authority by bending the will of all life to magically compel obedience to the user's spoken irresistible commands,

by making eye contact to put the victim(s) into a trance-like state of extreme suggestibility and unable to disobey, victims must be able to understand and hear the commands.

other methods to put the victim(s) into a trance-like state is with verbal or mental command or waving your hand by sending a wide-area of compelling wave to mentally project into their minds, and manipulate and alter the victim's dreams and memories. even persuade people into hurting/killing themselves

This power comes with the serious consequence that the user will be extremely exhausted under the use on great scale or long periods of time. This will make the user to become unconscious and pass out and other powers ineffective for some time making the user defenseless and any compelling effect would be withdrawn.

Telepathic CompulsionEdit

Telepathic Compulsion is a weaker aspect of Telepathy to send incredibly strong thought without using words for commands into minds of other being(s) to influence their thoughts and actions, without actually controlling them, however the victim(s) can resist the influence.

Dream LeapingEdit

Dream Leaping is an extremely powerful ability to project into people's dreams and manipulate them, this enables the user to modify, suppress, fabricate, influence, manifest, sense, and observe dreams as well, as this ability has the resemblance of Projection.

This ability can extends to as inflicted wounds on a sleeping victim when manipulating their dreams into their darkest nightmares from their imagination, as well as the user's by creating chaos and pain with their mind, even when the victim is daydreaming.

Although this ability is extremely powerful there are also limitations as the user is only able affect sleeping being(s), as the limited amount of time while their target(s) are sleeping also limited to choosing one sleeping subject at a time.


Suggestion is the ability to project subliminal thoughts into the mind of others as an inner voice, however the user isn't empowered with the control over the free will of others beings, as the user has to be in close range and is required constantly to try to convince the victims in every case.

Vocal PersuasionEdit

Vocal Persuasion is the ability to put others in a trance with a compelling voice, allowing users to bend the will of others and influencing their actions. This is often a sub-power of Voice Manipulation.

This power is activated through voice alone and can be used when not actually present, such as through a phone. However, this power can only influence others and not actually control them. Beings with a powerful mind can break through the influence and the power will not work if the person in question is aware of the persuasion. When a person has been persuaded, they are left in a confused state and their memories will be a blur.

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