Molecular Destabilization

Molecule Destabilize 1
Magical Characteristics

Distort the structure of an Object on a Molecular Scale


Focus and Extreme emotions


Active Power. Defensive & Offensive

Molecular Destabilization is the magical power to break down the structure of an object or individual on an Atomic Scale. This power can be used to completely eradicate an organic or non organic item. This extremely rare power is channeled through the the focus of intense emotions.


Users can completely break down the Molecular Structure of any object or living being until they are turned into raw energy which then crushes upon itself until it is destroyed. However this power does not always work on Upper-Level Beings. It should also be noted that some beings can withstand the powerful effects of this power; only being sent flying or knocked unconscious, but very few beings are completely immune to it.

There is also another use to this power. When this powers is used on great inanmiate objects such as stone walls or vehicles, the newly created energy will suddenly implode, creating great ripples in the air that, on contact, can severly maim, if not vanquish, most foes. This is a side-effect of the Destabilization, not something that can be consciously controlled.

Users can also use this power to stop the movement of Energy Balls and other Magical attacks by destroying the Molecular Structure and then sending the uncontrolled energy back in the direction of the attacker.


Mike Hunter created a potion that doubled the strength of his Telekinesis after her and his sister were attacked by a group of Dust Demons. He discovered that by he could access this rare power by focusing his telekinetic powers.

Exhaustion & LimitationsEdit

This power requires an extreme amount of power and focus. The user must be able to see it's desired targer.

Also, despite how powerful this ability is, it should be noted that this power does not always destroy the desired targer and if not used with caution this power can turn on the user, resulting in instant death.

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