Nymphs are female magical beings that are the personification of nature. As such, they share a deep connection to nature, plants, animals and the earth itself. Nymphs are immortal and spent their lifetimes in the wild protecting nature. They possess the power to give life to nature and are also the keepers of the Eternal Spring, a magical source of water that can grant immortality and invincibility to those who drink from it.

Nymphs desire freedom above all else and spent their lives in the wild nature. Being in cities or away from the forest makes them feel 'suffocated' and cut off from where they belong.

Not only are they the keepers of the Eternal Spring, nymphs are the guardians of all nature and the animals of the land. Without them, all nature would die and the world would become a wasteland.

In appearence, nymphs look like human women but are much more beautiful. Their skin has a pale green shimmer and their fingers glow emerald green. Nymphs are tall and graceful and have a slim elegent figure. Their hair and eyes are often nature colours such as green, brown or red or gold like autumn leaves. Some have leafy hair and eyes that range from gold to green to brown. Some nymphs have skin that are the colours of trees or leaves. Nymphs glow with the essence of nature. The blood of the nymphs is golden green.



Nymphs often seek the company of Satyrs to guide them as they protect nature. The music of a Satyr guides them. When a Satyr is killed, Nymphs will often seek out a new one, though they can learn to become independent and guide themselves.

Nymphs and MenEdit

Nymphs are not used to the company of men, which why they have trouble containing themselves when in their presence. Nymphs have flirtatious and uninhibited personalities that have no sense for personal boundaries. Men are often seduced by their beauty and free spirits, though a Nymph can rarely commit. It is possible for a Nymph to truly fall in love, although this is rare as Nymphs usually avoid contact with the human world.


Nymphs get along very well with other nymphs. They do not fight with each other but their is no conflict between them.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Active PowersEdit

  • Fading: The ability to teleport through nature, such as trees and bushes.
  • Water Teleportation: The ability to teleport through bodies of water, including rivers and fountains.
  • Nature Enhancement: The ability to enhance and restore life to nature, plants and flowers and even conjure nature out of thin air. They can summon vines and flowers and plants.
  • Chlorokinesis: The power to control plants, trees, vines, vegetation, fruit and even moss and fungi. They can grow plants in any enviornment. Some very powerful nymphs can transform people into trees and palnts. Nymphs can grow any plant and some can make plants walk or talk.
  • Limited Hydrokinesis: Nymphs can sense bodies of water and can purify water.
  • Flight: Nymphs can transform into green fog and fly through the air.
  • Animal empathy: The power to understand and control all animals.
  • Nature energy: The power to project nature's essence in the form of offensive or defensive blasts.

Other PowersEdit

  • Sensing: The ability to sense other beings, such as their fellow Nymphs and Satyrs.
  • Power Granting: The ability to grant other women the powers of a Nymph through a kiss. Nymphs can also transform a man into a satyr if he choses to give up his humanity.
  • Immortality: The ability to live forever and be immune to aging and disease.
  • Healing: The power to use the life force of the earth itself to heal all diseases and heal wounds.


Nymphs fear fire as it can destroy forests and plants. Fire would hurt a nymph more than it would hurt a human. Nymphs also do not like freezing cold temperatures.

Nymphs cannot survive for long in captivity. After a couple of hours they will start to wilt. After a few days, they will fade away.


Over the course of history, Nymphs have procreated by mating with Satyrs, by which their daughters are born as Nymphs and sons as Satyrs. A union with a mortal will also grant daughter Nymphs, while the sons of this union would be mortals. However, should a Nymph fall in love with a male witch or other magical being, it is possible that this child would become a Hybrid. A Nymph hybrid inherits powers from her mother as well as their other parent and may develop unique hybrid powers.

When a Nymph gives birth to a hybrid child, they usually leave the child in the care of the father, as they fear a child could not survive in the wild nature unless they are pure Nymph. Nymph-Witches are often more powerful than their parents, as they possess magic from both species.

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