General information
Effects Understand, speak and read any language
Trigger Automatic when communicating with a charge or through will
Alignment Neutral
Category Supportive Power

Omnilingualism is the ability to understand, speak and read any language without training or prior knowledge of the language. There are two distinct forms of this ability, possessed by different magical beings.


Whitelighter OmnilingualismEdit

Whitelighters possess the ability to understand and speak the language of their charges. This form of omnilingualism is passive and has limitations, as Whitelighters are only able to understand and speak the language of their charge when they are communicating with that charge.

True OmnilingualismEdit

This form of Omnilingualism is the true form of this power. It can be possessed by various magical beings, including Witches. Unlike the ability possessed by Whitelighters, this form has no limitations and can be activated at will. Users of this ability will be able to understand, speak and read any language.

Possible AdvancementsEdit

Body OmnilingualismEdit

This advancement of Omnilingualism is the ability to read the body language of other beings. Users will experience an enhanced subconscious and become aware of of the facial expressions, body movements and involuntary signs sent out by others. This allows users to easily read the emotions of others, detect when another person is lying to them and predict their movements.

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