Orbs are small balls of various colors of lights, which accompanies the user in many forms, which are associated with many different magical beings and abilities, most commonly in a teleportation method of Orbing.

While Angelic Beings like Whitelighters and Elders use their common teleportation method in combination of blue white orbs, and the Demonic Beings like Darklighters and Dark Elders possess black and purple orbs which resembles them being evil. Although some magical beings with Whitelighter or Darklighter inheirence can develop a slightly different type of orbing, most likely an effect combination of Orbing and Whirling. Also, The Elders have a slightly different effect of orbing from Whitelighters, and even some of them, different color of orbs.

Types of OrbsEdit

Wizard-Witches were considered exceptionally rare magical beings. their powers are mostly associated with bright and dark shadows and orbs of their double inheirence which can consist of Photokinesis and Umbrakinesis.

Witches use white and golden or red orbs when summoning a ghost, teleporting with a spell and glamouring their appearance. Wiccan orbs are also the most common teleport method of ghosts, and some witches possess a rare wiccan teleportion called Wiccan Orbing.

Orb ManipulationEdit

Angelic Beings with Whitelighter inheirence can naturally possess the ability of Photokinesis to create and manipulate light with an orb-like effect and apply the orbs for various magical purposes. There are magical beings during meditation, most notably Whitelighters or Elders, when they are meditating in the native style of hovering, they are seen to be able to "sit" on the orbs and some beings are able to use a single orb as a pencil.

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