Pruedence Johanna "P.J" Halliwell is the oldest child of Phoebe Halliwell nad Coop Valentine. She is a cupid-witch hybrid as well as a member of the current power of three along with her cousins Melinda and Kat. She is dating a Darklighter-Witch named Amelia, and they have two children. P.J is a dedicated witch and is wary of her empathic abilites and the extent to which they could be abused. She is very much about percision and control, and is well learned in martial arts. P.J likes to be well prepared before heading off to battle, she is the most strategic minded of the power of three. She also has the quickest temper and despite not being the frist to head off into battle, she is a force to be reckoned with when angry.


P.J inherited the basic witch powers of Spellcasting, Potion brewing and cyring in addition to her powers of  premonition and empathy, which allows her to deflect and even mimic the powers of those around her. She also develops the ability of Pathokinesis, to manipulate the emotions of others, to the point of a kind of mind control or killing them by overwhelming them with negative emotions. She has her fathers ability to Beam, a type of teleportation as well as remote beaming.


P.J is a photojournalist, following in both her mom and her Aunt Prue's footsteps. She discovered Prue's old camera at a young age and has played around with it ever since. She often has a camera with her wherever she goes.


P.J and her girlfriend Amelia have two children together. Amelia is their biological mother and the couple used a mortal sperm donor. This caused some controversy among the Halliwell family as Amelia's father was a darklighter and the children inherited some of those abilities. P.J claimed that since Amelia was able to overcome her darker side despite having been raised by her father, than the children should have no problems controlling their if they grew up surrounded by Halliwells. They both have a wiccaning and are blessed by the Halliwell ancestors.

Porter Emmerson Halliwell 

Their first born son. The P tradition was imporatnt to P.J and Amelia wanted to name their son after her father Emmerson, who despite being evil, had raised her and been a loving father growing up. Porter has all of the basic with abilities as well as darkorbing, telekinetic darkorbin and the wiccan power of Chlorokinesis which he inherited from Amelia's mother. Amelia plans to give him a Darklighter crossbow on his fifteenth birthday, but hasn't told P.J yet. Porter is a bit of a prankster and gets in a lot of trouble, but he's a sweet kid and very caring, he's just mischivous and has a hard time with kids his own age. He is bullied at magic school for having Darklighter blood and so he attends Knox academy instead, which is more welcoming. His sister will also attend their when she is old enough.

Pandora Iris Halliwell

Pandora is three years younger than her brother and has all of the baisc witch powers as well as Pyrokinesis, Darkorbing, and telepathy. Despite having many powers associated with evil Pandora is very innocent and protective of tose she loves, if a bit aggressive sometimes. She does have some control issues with her telepathy and overhears tings she wasn't supposed to, she also has a hard time keeping a secret, the two together make for some interesting family dinner conversations.


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